Dash 2 TradeDash 2 Trade is a brand new social trading platform whose presale is currently underway, and has successfully passed the $2m milestone. The trading sensation has captured the imaginations of many retail traders who are looking for an edge in the markets against competitors.

Trading sensation Dash 2 Trade has now raised $2m

The Dash 2 Trade presale has had a brilliant start, having now raised in excess of $2m within only a few days.

The presale is being conducted in nine stages, with the price gradually increasing with each stage. At the first stage, the price was just $0.0476, and has now risen to $0.05. At the third stage of the presale the price will rise once more to $0.0513.

By the last stage of the presale, the price will have risen to $0.0662, which presents a significant percentage rise from the initial stages, even for those who don’t wish to hodl for the long term.

The “Bloomberg terminal for retail traders”

Dash 2 Trade hopes to operate as the “Bloomberg terminal for retail traders” in the world of cryptocurrency, and offers far more features than the traditional Bloomberg terminal, with a far less expensive subscription fee.

Whilst a Bloomberg terminal is essential for market participants who wish to have a trading edge against their competitors, the Dash 2 Trade dashboard is to be a quintessential part of the retail trader’s toolkit.

The reason for this is that the vast array of features offered by the site are unparalleled; unlike many other traditional trading platforms, the Dash 2 Trade dashboard doesn’t just provide its users with the opportunity to use technical analysis.

Users of Dash 2 Trade are also able to gauge social sentiment about particular projects. Similar to some of Etoro’s features, users of the Dash 2 Trade platform will be able to see how market participants are “feeling” about a particular token and even follow successful traders.

All of these features are designed to ensure that Dash 2 Trade users always have the most effective tools to curate their own trading strategies, which can even be automated. The automation of these trading strategies is extremely useful since it saves retail traders a huge amount of time.

A community of 70,000 traders already established

The team at Dash 2 Trade has already established a large community of 70,000 traders via their preexisting platform Learn 2 Trade.

Learn 2 Trade is a thriving community that has been in operation for the past few years. During that time, they have taught countless individuals how to successfully trade crypto and ForEx.

Dash 2 Trade will be building upon this preexisting community to kickstart their project going forward, in addition to the millions that they have already raised and will continue to raise as the presale progresses and the trading sensation grows.

The Dash 2 Trade subscription service

The D2T token is one of the most important parts of the entire platform thanks to the variety of benefits that ownership confers to its holders.

Although some of the most basic features of the dashboard can be accessed for free, the more sophisticated and more in depth features will require a monthly subscription to be paid in D2T token.

The starter tier begins at 400 D2T per month, and the professional tier requires 1,000 D2T per month for full access to everything that the platform offers.

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