Dash 2 Trade

The crypto trading platform Dash 2 Trade has now completed the first stage of its presale, meaning that the price has now risen from $0.0476 to $0.05.

There are nine stages to the Dash 2 Trade presale, throughout which the price will continue to increase.

Dash 2 Trade raises $2m

The Dash 2 Trade presale has been making a lot of progress, and thus far has already raised in excess of $2m.

Those who wish to participate in the Dash 2 Trade presale can do so on their website, where the D2T token is currently being sold.

The D2T token is an integral part of the D2T ecosystem. Although there is a free version of the Dash 2 Trade dashboard, users will be required to pay a monthly subscription in D2T if they wish to access all of the features that are on offer.

The starter tier requires a monthly subscription of 400 D2T to be paid and the professional tier requires 1,000 D2T.

Those who wish to participate in the presale can choose to do by paying in a variety of different cryptocurrencies, and payments can even be made with credit and debit cards for those who would prefer alternative payment methods.

A social trading platform

Many trading platforms focus on a small number of indicators, particularly those relating to technical analysis.

However, Dash 2 Trade hopes to change this by offering a variety of different social indicators as well, particularly those that will be most useful for retail traders.

These sentiment indicators allow traders to gauge how popular a particular asset it as a particular time, which can be extremely useful.

When used in tandem with other forms of analytics, it can be even more profound – the Dash 2 Trade platform allows their users to curate automatic trading strategies very easily, establishing the project as having a strong USP.

The dashboard helps traders stay ahead of the curve

In addition to the opportunity to gauge social sentiment and use technical analysis, the Dash 2 Trade dashboard allows traders and speculators to stay ahead of the curve.

Those who use the platform are given extremely useful information in terms of alerts about new listings on exchanges. Given the ways in which the cryptocurrency markets can often respond to news in such a volatile manner, this gives a huge advantage to users of Dash 2 Trade.

Participate in presales with Dash 2 Trade

In addition to offering a variety of trading signals to retail speculators, Dash 2 Trade opens the door for anyone to participate in presales on their platform.

Presales are an area of the crypto space that allows investors rather than traders to capitalise on the early-stage growth of fledgling projects.

Being able to have early access to projects that are often restricted to VCs means that retail investors have the opportunity to accrue positions in projects before they go viral – investors in presales in projects such as Ethereum, Krabada, and Lucky Block made may multiples of their investment.

All of this utility that is being driven towards the Dash 2 Trade platform means that the value of D2T ought to also perform extremely well in the coming months and years, as its ecosystem becomes more fleshed out.

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