d2tDash 2 Trade is a brand new cryptocurrency trading platform that hopes to bring a range of different features to their users.

The D2T presale has raised $500k in 24 hours

The D2T token is at the heart of the Dash2Trade product offering, since users of the platform are required to hold D2T in order to access many of the features of the platform.

There are nine different stages of the presale, and the price of the token gradually increases throughout the various stages.

This means that those who buy D2T at the earlier stages of the presale will receive far better rates than those who buy later on.

A social trading platform

One of the main benefits of Dash 2 Trade platform is the high degree of social metrics that are offered.

In the same way that Etoro allows their users to gauge social sentiment and track the decisions made by other popular traders, Dash 2 Trade will allow their users to use social analytics for trading in the crypto space.

The ability to be able to gauge popular market sentiment is a tool that traders can use in addition to more traditional types of market analysis, such as technical analysis.

$150k giveaway

In order to celebrate the success made thus far in the presale, and to incentivise the further acceleration of the presale going forward, the team at Dash 2 Trade have decided to launch a $150k giveaway.

In order to be eligible for the giveaway, one must participate in the D2T presale and still hold D2T in their wallets at the time of the prize draw.

A focus on presales

One of the most impressive things about the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem is the platform’s focus on presales, which are an area of the crypto space that can provide extremely high returns for those who participate.

Unlike most trading platforms, which simply provide some basic tools to their users, the access to presales afforded to those who use the Dash 2 Trade platform will mean that those who hold D2T will be able to participate in early-stage project launches normally reserved for VCs.

Not only this, but the presales will all have been vetted by a team of professionals who use a variety of metrics to gauge the legitimacy and profit potential of each presale, with a range of information about the team, roadmap and tokenomics.

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