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Dash 2 Trade is a crypto trading platform that has managed to now raise over $400k in under 24 hours, meaning that the project has now raised a total of $8.7m.

This is a large presale for such a platform, and the team are committed to using their raised funds to become one of the most dominant platforms in the entire space.

A crypto trading platform that gives traders all the information they need

Dash 2 Trade is positioning itself as the “Bloomberg terminal of crypto”, and aims to provide traders will all of the information that they need in order to handle the markets as effectively as possible.

Dash 2 Trade brings together technical analysis, social sentiment, and other important metrics in a way that no other platform can promise to.

These tools, when used appropriately, can help retail traders to rival their competition by spotting key patterns and signals in the markets.

Curate your own trading strategies

In addition to providing the best signals for their customers so that they can trade as efficiently as possible, users can also curate their own automated trading strategies.

This means that one can set conditions for trades that are automatically enacted when specific circumstances are met.

For example, if Elon were to mention Dogecoin on Twitter, the automated trading strategy may choose to go long on DOGE for a period of 24 hours.

Those who wish to test how their strategy would have performed in the past are able to do this

Participate in the Dash 2 Trade presale on their website

The team at Dash 2 Trade have successfully managed to raise a huge amount of capital ($8.7m) from their presale, which is selling out extremely quickly.

The team at Dash 2 Trade recently celebrated having completed the third stage of the presale, meaning that the token price has now risen from $0.05133 to $0.0533, and will rise further at the end of this stage to $0.0556.

The team have been working diligently and many of the things planned in their roadmap could be brought forward as their developers are ahead of schedule – one could expect to see the first iterations of the presale dashboard within the coming weeks.

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