Dash 2 Trade crypto signals

Dash 2 Trade is a brand new crypto signals platform that hopes to bring retail trading tools to the masses, and has now raised $3m in their presale to achieve this goal.

Bringing crypto trading tools to the masses

In an attempt to position itself as the “Bloomberg terminal of crypto”, the Dash 2 Trade platform provides retail traders with a variety of different tools that they can use to can an edge over the markets.

In addition to technical analysis, Dash 2 Trade provides users of their platform with a wide range of tools to gauge social sentiment.

These tools are particularly important, especially if one subscribes to the view that one should buy “when there is blood in the streets” and sell when greed takes hold.

Unlike the aforementioned Bloomberg terminal, which requires users to pay a monthly subscription fee of $2,500 ($30,000 a year), access to the Dash 2 Trade platform isn’t so extortionate.

The ecosystem is powered by the D2T token

The D2T token powers the entire ecosystem. Although there is a free tier that anyone can use, a monthly subscription of D2T tokens is required to be paid if one wishes to access a larger range of features.

The starter tier requires a monthly subscription of 400 D2T tokens, and the professional tier requires a monthly subscription of 1,000 D2T.

The professional tier will allow traders to access the full range of features offered by the platform, including the opportunity to make automated trading systems and to backtest these systems to see how they would have performed in the past.

The D2T presale has now raised $3m

The Dash 2 Trade presale has been a huge success thus far, and has already managed to successfully raise $3m.

Those who wish to participate in the presale can do so on the Dash 2 Trade website, where it is currently ongoing.

The presale is being conducted in various stages, and the price of D2T will increase gradually with each stage, meaning that those who participate in the presale at earlier stages are entitled to better rates than those who do so later, or who buy D2T when it lists.