Despite the current market downturn, TAMA investors appear poised to make gains as Tamadoge game developers recently launched a new game title, Rocket Doge, as part of the gaming ecosystem.

The launch of the new crypto game has further increased the project’s fundamentals and is expected to reflect in the value of the platform’s native TAMA token in the coming weeks. While the market’s bearish movement caused the asset’s price to adjust, Tamadoge’s improved fundamentals and the prospect of listing on major exchanges indicate that investors should be prepared for additional gains going forward.

Tamadoge Launches Rocket Doge Game

On Thursday, the Tamadoge game developers confirmed the launch of Rocket Doge – the second game in the Tamadoge ecosystem. The launch follows the unveiling of Super Doge, another game that has already gained massive hype and racked up prize pools worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In Rocket Doge, players’ Tamadoge pets essentially find an old Eagle-6 rocket that allows them to navigate a thick forest undergrowth while dodging enemies and outcroppings. The objective, of course, is to collect coins and rewards as players vie to top the game’s leaderboard. The game will feature a similar combination of fun gameplay that emphasizes skill. And, with various rewards included, there are numerous ways to win.

The launch follows that of Super Doge, which was unveiled only a few weeks ago. According to reports, Super Doge has become a hit among gamers. Early data for the game shows that player engagement is rising significantly, with 3% of its players getting a score of over 60,000.

Furthermore, the game’s average score is 15,000, and several players visited the Super Doge platform hundreds of times in its first week alone.

TAMA Price Gains as Fundamentals Improve

With activity in the Tamadoge ecosystem already ramping up, it is no surprise that the price of the TAMA token has been showing some significant strength.

At press time, TAMA currently trades at $0.01984. The asset’s price is experiencing a downtrend of 3.84% in the past 24 hours, which is slightly better than the broader market and its 4% plunge in the same period.

TAMA_1D_graph_coinmarketcap (1)

The broader market has shown significant signs of weakness as investors appear to have taken their profits following weeks of bullish action. Just as well, investigations from financial watchdogs and a cooling rally have seen several major coins lose a chunk of their gains.

Regardless, there is a lot to look forward to as a TAMA investor. The Tamadoge ecosystem has continued to move from strength to strength, especially following the appointment of Ray Bishop as the gaming house’s chief executive.

At the launch of Rocket Doge, Bishop explained that the Tamadoge developers have continued to deliver on their promise to follow the product roadmap. They believe that the current roster of games will be sufficient to keep players engaged. However, they will also work tirelessly to improve their game catalog and deliver on their promise based on the product roadmap.

Besides a growing number of asset holders and a solid product development team, top-tier exchanges have also started to court the idea of listing TAMA. A listing for the token on Binance has already been applied for and is in the works, which should improve its accessibility to investors.

Listing on major exchanges is always beneficial to new coins. TAMA already has strong fundamentals, and a listing on Binance will undoubtedly help the token’s price rise in the future.


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