Huobi stutter

Crypto prices continue to stutter as the bear market continues, and many market participants are growing weary of the constant barrages of bad news that appear to be surrounding the industry. Nevertheless, there are some projects that are making investors optimistic.

Crypto prices stutter as Huobi fuels further uncertainty

Risk on assets have been suffering as of late, and the uncertainty around the solvency of the Huobi exchange has added further fuel to the fire, especially considering Justin Sun’s erratic decisions over the last few months, and particularly the last few days, and the comparisons that are being drawn with the implosion of the Hoo exchange FTX.


FightOut is a brand new project that is in its ICO stage that is revolutionising the ways that people exercise, and provide a range of new incentives to encourage people to stay fit and healthy.

Users of the platform can track their progress using the FightOut mobile app and track their progress in real time – this progress is reflected in the statistics and aesthetics of their metaverse avatars.

Furthermore, one can earn FGHT tokens for their exercises, which is an additional incentive to ensure that people stay motivated to continue exercising – with the trend of so many people failing to see through their New Year’s Resolutions, this could be just the incentive that people need.


Dash 2 Trade is a crypto signals and trading platform that is focused on providing a series of tools to retail traders so that they can operate more efficiently in entropic market conditions.

Positioning itself as the Bloomberg terminal of crypto, Dash 2 Trade is designed as a subscription platform to help retail to trade as efficiently and effectively as possible.

However, unlike Bloomberg terminals, the Dash 2 Trade platform does not cost an exorbitant $30k in yearly fees. Rather, there is a starter tier that requires 400 D2T per month, and a higher tier that requires 1,000 D2T for full access to the platform.


C-Charge is a brand new cryptocurrency that is aiming to capitalise on the rise of crypto and ESG investing, by providing a seamless experience of using carbon credits to charge electric vehicles.

Over the course of the last decade both the ESG and crypto industries have been booming, and the trend is expected to continue throughout the coming 10 years.

Those who wish to participate in the presale can now do so on the C-Charge website, where the price of the token currently stands at just $0.013.

However, given that the presale is being conducted in a series of stages, the price of CCHG is to rise to $0.0165 at the next stage of the presale, meaning that there are significant gains to be had as the presale develops for the earliest investors – despite the stutter in the crypto markets, there is a chance for savvy investors to perform well.

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