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The FTX debacle over the course of the past few days has demonstrated that there are a range of actors in this space that can’t be trusted. The FTT token has often been compared to BNB over the course of the past few days to demonstrate that coins and tokens without an extra layer of utility are liable to fall away to the side. In the same way, TAMA is focused on shaking up the industry of meme tokens.

In the space of meme coins and tokens, there are a range of different projects, but most of them don’t have much utility attached to them.

Dogecoin, for example, was designed solely as a proof of work joke crypto with no ostensible long term vision for future development.

Meme coins with utility – the Tamaverse arcade

The main purpose that meme coins and token serve is as a speculative vehicle: DOGE and SHIB have both made parabolic gains thanks to their fun communities, which have actively encouraged wild degrees of speculation.

However, past the primary use case of speculation, there is very little secondary utility afforded to holders.

The team behind Tamadoge, with their native TAMA token, hope that this can change, and are currently developing a range of P2E arcade games that give the opportunity for users to use their TAMA to wager and earn more TAMA.

By being almost uniquely focused, in the space of meme coins, on providing more utility than just speculation to their holders, the Tamadoge team managed to successfully raise $19m at their presale for TAMA, meaning that they are in a strong position to improve the going forward given how well-endowed they are. For context, the $19m raise that the team behind Tamadoge managed to achieve was larger than the Ethereum ICO.

The Tamaverse

The Tamaverse is the native metaverse of the Tamadoge ecosystem. The custom designed metaverse is built specifically for the holders of TAMA and Tamadoge NFTs, of which there are currently two different collections available on Opensea.

The. Tamaverse is still under development, but aims to be the premium place for members of this meme community to meet and interact with another, as well to game in exchange for rewards in the TAMA token.

Further down the line, in 2023, the team behind Tamadoge are working to add even more sophistication and utility to their project by building artificial reality into their product offering.

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