The environmental impact of cryptocurrencies has been criticized ever since they were invented. However, a new asset is causing a paradigm shift and putting crypto at the forefront of climate change efforts.

The Impact Project – Using Blockchain To Fight Global Warming

Global warming has been a major issue for decades. Blockchain technology has been criticized for enabling cryptocurrency mining since it became popular. This activity can be unhealthy for the environment.

Last year, Tesla announced that it would no longer accept Bitcoin for transactions and vehicle payments. While the announcement immediately impacted the market, it also sparked a broader discussion about how the industry could become more Eco-friendly.

This is where initiatives like the Impact Project come into play. As of 2022, users can buy and sell carbon credits through the Impact Project. These credits are a facility that allows holders to emit a specific amount of greenhouse gases into the environment in exchange for backing different eco-conservation projects worldwide.

Carbon credits allow individuals and companies to offset their carbon footprint directly. IMPT allows holders to trade carbon credits as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Holders can then retire their NFTs, essentially removing them from circulation.

Due to its blockchain base, the Impact Project ensures that fraud is eliminated from the carbon credit scene.

Expanding Network of Affiliates

One of the primary strengths of the Impact Project is the fact that it has a massive network of partners. These companies, including names like Amazon, Netflix, and Microsoft, are committed to a greener future and have partnered with the Impact Project to do so.

There are currently over 25,000 affiliate partners with the Impact Project, with over 10,000 retailers allowing their shoppers to earn IMPT tokens when they purchase products from them. With these tokens, retailers can earmark a percentage of their sales and convert them into carbon crest NFTs.

IMPT Available on Presale

IMPT has had one of the best presales of 2022, raising over $12 million in just a month. The digital asset is now in the second of three presale stages, with the project looking to sell 660 million tokens at a unit price of $0.023.

At the final stage, another 540 million tokens will be sold for $0.028. So, investors looking to back a solid crypto project while also doing good for the environment and the planet will want to consider this asset for sure.

IMPT is taking advantage of the increase in environmental, social, and governmental (ESG) investment, allowing investors to profit while supporting a solid cause. And with the presale numbers already recorded, the asset is seeing massive investor interest.

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