Crypto is Not Dead - Animoca Brands Looks to Amass $1 billion For Its Web3 Metaverse Fund

Animoca Brands is planning to raise around $1 billion in Q1 2023 for a new Web3 and metaverse fund. Animoca is currently holding talks with investors, with the funds being directed to supporting the company’s goals in the Web3 and metaverse industry.

Animoca plans to raise $1 billion for the Web3 metaverse fund

The co-founder of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu, was interviewed by Bloomberg admitting that the company was affected by the collapse of the FTX exchange. Siu added that much of the NFT spaceship seller Star Atlas treasury was on the now-bankrupt FTX exchange.

Siu noted that while the market conditions were challenging, interest was still there. He also admitted that last year’s crypto meltdown had made fundraising efforts harder, but he remained optimistic that interest in the crypto was high. Siu added that some Animoca subsidiaries had raised funds in the wake of the FTX collapse.

As the firm focuses on funding its Web3 plans, Siu said that the company’s revenues, based on tokens, were largely affected. He also noted that fiat revenues would take a hit. Animoca is one of the heavy investors in gaming and crypto, with stakes in over 380 companies.

Time to buy these coins for 100x gains

Given that Animoca is still showing interest in the cryptocurrency space despite the intense bearish trend that has overwhelmed the market, it is time for investors to look for coins that have the potential to make notable gains. The four coins below are some of the best presales today, with each project having robust fundamentals.

Fight Out

Fight Out is a move-to-earn project running on Ethereum. The project brings real-life workouts to the Web3 space. Moreover, unlike other M2E steps focusing on physical steps, Fight Out offers a wide range of workouts such as yoga, weightlifting, and boxing.

The Fight Out presale launched last month, and the project has already raised more than $2.64 million. 1 FGHT is currently priced at $0.0166, and there is an up to 50% bonus for early investors.

Dash 2 Trade

The Dash 2 Trade presale is surpassing expectations, as high demand has seen the presale being 101% sold. The presale has raised more than $13.63 million, and it will close after $15.42 million is raised.

Dash 2 Trade is an intelligence platform that targets new and experienced crypto traders looking for the best tools and features to inform their trading decisions. The platform’s beta version will launch soon, with the first CEX listing scheduled for January 11.

C Charge

C+Charge is a peer-to-peer payment system that runs on the BNB Chain. The platform rewards users with carbon credits when they charge EVs at any of their charging stations, making CCHG one of the greenest cryptos in the market.

The C+Charge presale launched towards the end of 2022. CCHG will be one of the best utility tokens, as it will be used within the ecosystem by EV owners to want to pay to charge their cars.


Calvaria is a blockchain gaming project that seeks to transform battle card gaming. Unlike other play-to-earn battle card games focusing on crypto players, Calvaria plans to make it easier for crypto and non-crypto players to access all the game’s features.

The Calvaria presale is in the last stage, with 86% of the presale tokens sold out. The sale has already raised over $2.66 million and will close after $3,075,000 is raised.

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