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With its blockchain gaming platform, Calvaria has the potential to be the industry’s biggest brand. And its native token, RIA, is shaping up to be the hottest coin in the crypto market.

Blockchain Gaming’s Next Giant

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a blockchain game that takes players into an afterlife-themed universe where they can purchase and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) trading decks and cards. These cards represent different characters, with players tasked with building the right deck and battling with other players for supremacy.

In Calvaria, the objective is to put together a deck capable of defeating competitors. Players can also wager tokens in a battle to raise the stakes of their opponents and make the games more interesting.

With NFTs being an important part of gaming, Calvaria has done a solid job of incorporating them and allowing players to benefit. The platform has an in-app NFT marketplace where these tokens can be traded, with its native RIA token being the medium through which trades can be facilitated.

One of Calvaria’s many benefits is that the game is easy for anyone to get onboarded. Players need no financial commitment and can earn free NFTs by signing up.

The RIA Token

Like every other blockchain game, Calvaria has a native token. RIA is highly valuable as it helps to facilitate NFT trades across the platform. The proof-of-stake (PoS) coin also makes it possible for holders to stake and earn additional units as rewards.

With RIA, players can participate in the Calvaria decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which votes on proposed upgrades to the platform.

Presale Is Now Live

RIA is currently available on presale. The digital asset launched on presale less than a month ago, with ten stages available. Its price will rise with each presale stage, allowing early investors to earn up to 450% in returns.

RIA has now moved to the fourth presale stage, with each token going for $0.025. The digital asset’s price is expected to rise to $0.055 before it launches on any centralized exchange. So, investors can make a sizable return by getting in now.

Check Out the TARO Presale

Calvaria has so far benefited from the metaverse craze, and TARO is another crypto asset that is looking to do the same.

RobotEra is powered by TARO. It is a metaverse-based world-building game where players can choose avatars and purchase properties. From buying land and other in-game assets, RobotEra provides all properties as NFTs, so players own what they buy. The game also provides a communal space for players to engage in experiences ranging from concerts and sports activities to games and others.

TARO is currently one of the most exciting presales on the market. Despite its newness, the asset is quickly selling out and could be the next big opportunity for value-seeking investors.

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