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Cryptocurrency markets faced a major decline in 2022, following a peak in late 2021. Despite the setback, many remain optimistic about the future of cryptocurrencies as interest from investors increases. Read on to learn more about current trends impacting markets along with some ideas for high gain altcoins.

A recent survey by the deVere Group revealed that 82% of millionaires with assets between $1.23 million and $6.16 million sought advice on cryptocurrencies in the past year, indicating a growing trend of adoption.

The deVere Group surveyed 560 high net worth individuals (HNWs) from across the world, including Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and South America.

“If HNWs were expressing such huge interest in the 2022 bear market, as market conditions steadily improve, they’re going to be amongst the first to capitalise in the forthcoming bull run,” said Nigel Green, founder and CEO of deVere Group.

Green and other experts say the descent of the crypto market resulted from investors withdrawing their investments in risk assets as a result of worries regarding inflation and recession.

“Yet against this backdrop of the so-called ‘crypto winter’, HNWs were consistently seeking advice from their financial advisers about including digital currencies into their portfolios,” he said. “Interestingly, this typically more conservative group were not deterred by the bear market and adverse market conditions. Instead, they were looking to either start including or increasing their exposure to crypto. This suggests that these high-net-worth clients are increasingly aware of the inherent characteristics of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which has the core values of being digital, global, borderless, decentralised and tamper-proof.

Experts believe that the current state of the market is a result of growing pains and that, as the market matures and regulations are established, stability and growth will follow.

The Case for a Crypto Bull Market and High Gain Altcoins Taking Off

The crypto market rally of January certainly wasn’t hurt by the entry of institutional investment into the market in recent months, as traditional finance companies like JPMorgan and Fidelity enter the arena by offering crypto-related services to their customers.

This trend was further reinforced in June 2022, when a study by PwC found that almost one-third of 89 hedge funds surveyed were already investing in digital currencies like Bitcoin.

The underlying technology of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, also offers exciting growth opportunities beyond digital currencies. From identity management to decentralized governance systems, blockchain has the potential to revolutionize entire industries, making it an exciting and potentially profitable investment opportunity for those willing to take a risk.

Wise Investment in the Crypto Market: Weigh Risks and Do Your Own Research

Regardless of the opportunities, it’s vital to understand and accept the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies, and only use money that you’re willing to potentially lose. Due diligence is also key to selecting projects, and you should always confirm that they comply with legal regulations and have trustworthy teams before investing.

Investing in cryptocurrencies also requires careful examination of a project’s real-world applications to determine if it offers genuine solutions or just capitalizes on blockchain trends without providing actual value. The ability of a project to address practical issues can greatly affect its long-term success and ROI prospects.

For those seeking potentially high ROI, presales of cryptocurrencies may be an option. Through informed investment choices and careful vetting of the project, presales can offer great returns.

According to crypto experts, some options for investment consideration include MEMAG, FGHT, CCHG, and TARO.

Fight Out (FGHT) Set to Be a High Gain Altcoin

Crypto experts are talking about Fight Out (FGHT): an upcoming app and gym chain, set to provide the fitness world with a unique combination of high tech and community to help members achieve their fitness goals.

Their Move-to-Earn (M2E) app is rethinking this concept of apps; forming a connection between real physical gyms and user reward systems that pay out REPS tokens when users achieve their goals and setting a benchmark for what such applications can be by tracking much more than just steps taken.

Fight Out’s gyms will feature Web3-connected tech including “mirror profiles” and sensors that offer real-time feedback during workouts. This innovative idea has already earned endorsement from several high-profile UFC champions such as Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos, not to mention former WBO middleweight champion Savannah Marshall who are all part of its ambassador program.

Investors can who act now can take advantage of the current presale incentives, with up to 50% bonuses on investments over $50,000. The project’s FGHT has already raised more than $3.7 million during its pre-sale, setting itself up to be one of the next high gain altcoins.

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Dash 2 Trade (D2T) Dashes Towards Launch

Dash 2 Trade is introducing a comprehensive suite of features to aid traders in the highly competitive world of cryptocurrency trading. By subscribing to Dash 2 Trade’s upcoming trading analytics platform with D2T tokens, traders will have access to a variety of resources that will give them an advantage in the markets.

One of the key features of Dash 2 Trade is the trade signals service, which provides real-time updates and alerts about market trends and opportunities. Additionally, the platform will offer a listing alert system for upcoming coins, giving traders an early heads up about potential investment opportunities. The social sentiment indicators, which are integrated into the platform, will give traders a sense of the general sentiment of the market, helping them to make more informed trading decisions.

Another important aspect of Dash 2 Trade is the presale token scoring system, which will allow users to evaluate projects based on their potential performance and growth factors. This system will be instrumental in helping traders to identify tokens that are likely to perform well in the future and make smart investment decisions.

In addition to these features, traders will also have access to a strategy back-testing tool that will allow them to simulate different trading strategies and see how they would perform in real-world conditions. This is an incredibly valuable resource for traders who want to refine their approach and improve their chances of success.

Finally, another useful feature of Dash 2 Trade will be the auto-trading feature, which allows traders to connect to exchange APIs and put their strategies into motion. The auto-trader continuously monitors success rates, fine-tuning strategies as necessary to ensure optimal performance at all times.

Dash 2 Trade completed its presale recently raising over $15 million and is set to launch with a massive runway ensuring a continuous rollout of upgrades and improvements after launch.

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C+Charge (CCHG) Charged Up for EV Revolution

To make electric vehicle ownership more accessible and convenient, C+Charge is developing a blockchain-based platform that simplifies the process of locating charging stations. Not only will drivers benefit from this technology but they can also be rewarded with carbon credit backed cryptocurrency for using it.

C+Charge offers a speedy and straightforward way to facilitate crypto transactions without the expensive costs or long wait times associated with conventional payment services. Their platform will also provide EV drivers with real-time transparency so they can precisely measure the expense of each charging session.

By uniting forces with Flowcarbon, C+Charge will make carbon credits more accessible to consumers rewarding EV drivers who use the app with the Goodness Nature Token ($GNT).

For building owners seeking a reliable means to track energy expenditure from each EV, C+Charge has the perfect answer. Their app can track each charging session which motivates landlords and businesses to install their own chargers without worrying about overcharging for electricity for non-EV owners.

Presently, investors have the chance to purchase C+Charge tokens at an initial price of $0.013 USDT before the price is raised incrementally over three stages until it reaches its final value of $0.02350 per token.

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RobotEra (TARO) Next Big Metaverse Building Game

RobotEra (TARO) is poised to make a name for itself in the metaverse revolution with its highly-anticipated metaverse-building game.

The game aims to differentiate itself from others with a user-friendly interface, allowing players without programming skills to easily customize robots and environments. Gamers can also monetize their gameplay by renting out spaces for ads or hosting fee-based events.

By combining virtual reality and augmented reality elements, RobotEra’s developers will immerse players in a tech-savvy metaverse that blends Minecraft’s creative potential with Taro’s futuristic robot world.

Designed for players of all skill levels, RobotEra offers the chance for everyone to come together in rebuilding Taro’s metaverse. Additionally, NFTs give players ownership of virtual land, robots, items, and buildings.

TARO, the game’s primary currency, can be mined and players can also create games on designated land spaces. Gamers will be rewarded for their efforts and can socialize as they explore Taro’s realm.

Investor excitement is growing for the RobotEra token presale, which has already raised $786K, setting up TARO as a potential high gain altcoin in the near future.

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