The cryptocurrency market is a peculiar one. Worth a little over $1 trillion in total, the market has seen its fair share of ups and downs. And for all the many benefits that cryptocurrencies provide, their ability to deliver impressive gains not thought possible in traditional markets is their biggest attraction.

Understanding The Dark Tetrad

With such wild volatility, one might wonder the types of people who actually back an asset class like crypto. And in a new research piece, The Big Think was able to share a few insights.

The news source conducted a survey recently, which attempted to explain how the “dark tetras” in psychology could be related to cryptocurrency investors. For those who might not know, the dark tetrad is a phenomenon that describes four primary psychological traits – Machiavellianism, narcissism, psychopathy, and sadism. The four traits have been known for their dark nature, which includes taking advantage of others and having a general lack of empathy. And for people who can display two or three of these, there’s a general sense of danger.

However, there exists a significant link between these dark traits and cryptocurrencies – risk-taking. As The Big Think explained, crypto is especially attractive to people who might show these dark traits for two reasons.

First is the fact that digital assets are inherently volatile. So, for people who love to take risks, the asset class is quite attractive. Just as well, these people also love the fact that crypto isn’t backed or regulated by any government. Given that these people tend to distrust governments, crypto seems to play right into their wheelhouse.

Crypto Investors, Beware

As the news source highlighted, they conducted a survey with 566 people. Of these, 26% reported owning crypto while 64% had an interest in the asset class.

The survey eventually found that a significant portion of crypto investors exhibit Machiavellianism – a trait synonymous with being manipulative and calculating. Machiavellianists are also known to be pessimistic, making them attracted to crypto – an asset class without government backing.

Narcissism is another personality trait that seems to be pretty common among cryptocurrency investors – since they tend to be confident of future gains and returns. And, with crypto being synonymous with high risk and volatility, psychopaths could also get a kick out of owning some.

As for sadism, The Big Think opines that crypto investors could also get some sort of pleasure in seeing other investors lose money. In a case where traditional markets are down and crypto is up, there is a sense of accomplishment that crypto investors might have – one which could have sadistic tendencies.

The Market Isn’t That Bad

It is worth noting that these traits are merely hypotheses. Just as well, there are crypto projects that can be for the good of the world – even though they could still be geared towards making money.

A good example is C+ Charge. Unveiled last year, this blockchain project looks to provide a way for electric vehicle owners to get more value for their money and optimize their charging experience.

C+ Charge provides EV owners with a seamless and reliable charging program, powered by its native CCHG token. The asset is also geared towards profitability, with a deflationary model that cuts its circulating supply whenever it is used to process payments.

CCHG is available on presale at the moment, with a capital raise of over $1.2 million. For value-seeking investors who have a passion for the environment, this is one token to consider. With growing cries for reduction in carbon emission, C+Charge’s intentions to provide a reliable charging infrastructure would exponentially increase the drive for a logistics ecosystem powered by green energy.

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