C+Charge, the popular crypto-fueled electric vehicle (EV) charging and payment project, has raised over $493,000 in its ongoing token presale, another stellar milestone that shows a potential bullish trend.

C Charge: Using Web3 Solutions to Uplift the EV Industry

C+Charge utility token CCHG has hit an impressive milestone of $493,000 in raised investment via its ongoing presale.

The eco-friendly token’s impressive presale valuation has made it become one of the new crypto projects making waves in the investment community. However, there is more to this innovative token.

The groundbreaking electric vehicle charging blockchain project is built to disrupt the medieval charging process of electric vehicle owners and create opportunities to earn and drive.

The modern world is gradually accepting the use of electric vehicles (EVs), but the infrastructures to support their smooth performance are still catching up. This is where C+Charge thrives. The green crypto project creates a unique peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system for charging electric vehicles at their charging stations. Each EV driver will use their electronic wallet to pay for charging their vehicles at stations worldwide.

The major concept of the C+Charge project is to integrate a systematic mode of payment at charging stations to reduce additional costs for station owners. The ecosystem’s utility token is at the center of the electronic payment system. CCHG crypto token acts as the cornerstone of the eco-friendly ecosystem and can be used to pay for charging vehicles.

To further simplify smooth payment, C+Charge incorporates a robust application that enables users to earn carbon credits. The ultimate goal of carbon credit is to mitigate the emission of greenhouse gasses into the environment. According to C+Charge, it is a unique way of making carbon credits accessible to everyone.

C+Charge asserts to grow into a standard eco-friendly cryptocurrency that rewards users with carbon credits on and off the chain. The crypto project aims to bring more transparency to the EV industry by providing a seamless EV payment solution.

C+Charge innovative app will offer more features to streamline EV payments. These features include charger condition analysis, an interactive map of charger locations, accurate wait time for a charge, and much more.

Besides a functional app and native token, C+Charge provides more features to investors, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Charging EVs at stations will reward drivers with CCHG tokens, and holding the tokens will allow users to earn GNT as interest.

Goodness Nature Token (GNT) is a unique tokenized carbon credit. GNT was created by C+Charge and FlowCarbon following a strategic partnership and can be used to mint NFTs.

According to the crypto-based EV project official whitepaper, the CCHG token has the potential to become an adopted payment solution for all EV systems by ensuring transactional throughput is increased and transactional latency is reduced. Also, the project aims to expand by creating more charging stations globally to meet the demand for increased adoption of electric vehicles.

Presale: $CCHG Token on the Rise

With its core use cases and centralized exchange listing set to launch on March 31, 2023, early investors can easily tap into the C+Charge crypto ecosystem.

Investors can now buy $CCHG through its active initial coin offering (ICO) with a token priced at $0.013. According to its presale website, over $493,000 worth of investment has been raised for the project.

Investors can join the C+Charge official Telegram channel to stay updated at all times.

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