The collapse of FTX led to the complete destruction of the price of the FTT token, as it fell from $22 to under $2 within a matter of days.

Since then, traders and speculators have been scrutinising other exchanges heavily. Exchanges have been forced to show their proof of reserves and to go to greater lengths to become as transparent as possible.

It is important that exchanges do compete with one another to demonstrate their transparency, since regulators are now looking at the entire industry very hawkishly.

Could be insolvent? is one exchanges that many suspect may be experiencing problems at the moment.

Cronos (CRO), formerly known as Coin, could well face a similar face as FTX, as many people currently believe that the are the next exchange to become insolvent.

There are many similarities between and FTX, notably that they both spent huge amounts of money on marketing, including buying large sponsorship deals with stadia around the world.

If there is a bank run (and there have already been some signs of this) on the exchange, then it is entirely possible that the exchange will suffer a similar fate to that of FTX – the FTT token has now had its value completely destroyed. There are some fundamental differences, in that Cronos is a Turing complete blockchain with a range of dApps built on top of it whereas FTT was just an ERC20 token, but the market will still treat CRO harshly if it believes that the exchange is insolvent.

There have already been some strong signs of this, with the price of CRO having fallen significantly already over the course of the last week.


Dash 2 Trade is a trading and crypto signals platform that is perfect for those who wish to trade the market volatility.

Positioning itself as the “Bloomberg terminal of crypto”, Dash 2 Trade is a project that allows speculators and traders to capitalise on the volatility in the crypto markets by providing them with all the tools that they could need to have an edge.

The dashboard brings together all of the tools that speculators could want to know in order to effectively trade an asset.


TORA is the native token of the RobotEra ecosystem, which is a new play to earn gaming project focused on the metaverse.

A user becomes a robot in the metaverse and has the opportunity to cultivate and care for their own land.

They can participate in the ecosystem to earn play to earn rewards, as well as use the TARO token as a governance token to be able to vote on future changes and developments made in the game.


Calvaria is a brand new play to earn gaming ecosystem that spans multiple blockchains, and is currently in its presale.

Thus far in the Calvaria presale for the RIA token, $1.7m has been raised in an extremely short space of time, and the presale continues to sell out quickly.

Currently, the price of RIA is being sold at a rate of 40 RIA per dollar, but this will increase such that one dollar only buys 33.33 RIA at the next stage.

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