CoinShares, Europe’s oldest and most established digital asset investing and trading organization, has launched HAL, a cutting-edge platform for crypto asset trading strategies. With HAL, the advanced trading methods developed by the quants at CoinShares are at the fingertips of crypto traders, allowing them to easily trade crypto assets on centralized exchanges.

Coinshares and HAL – Things You Should Know

CoinShares, Europe’s largest and oldest digital asset investing firm, manages assets worth billions of dollars on behalf of its customers. By developing new financial services, the Group aims to improve investor access to the ecosystem of digital assets. Furthermore, it offers solutions that foster trust and transparency when gaining access to this emerging asset class.CoinShares is a publicly traded company that trades under the tickers CS and CNSRF on the OTCQX and Nasdaq First North Growth Market, respectively.

The launch of HAL is part of CoinShares’ larger integrated strategy. After providing traditional financial players with exposure to digital assets through its suite of crypto ETPs, the company is now addressing the target market of cryptocurrency traders.

Napoleon Group, a French Fintech startup with a European license that provides a service similar to HAL, was purchased by CoinShares in 2021. The Heuristically Programmed Algorithmic Computer (HAL) platform will provide users with access to trading algorithms developed by CoinShares quants via their preferred trading exchange.

CoinShares strategies trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Matic, Ripple, Cardano, Solana, Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin. They work around the clock. Furthermore, the name HAL honors early Bitcoin supporter Hal Finney and the artificial intelligence in Stanley Kubrick’s well-known film A Space Odyssey.

Can Retail Investors Use the HAL Algo Trading Platform Safely?

CoinShares, a digital asset investment firm based in London, has launched an automated trading platform for small-scale cryptocurrency investors. Hal is not the user’s custodian but acts on their behalf through their chosen exchange. In addition to the four quantitative styles that are currently available, they are considering thematic index techniques.

For $20 per month, retail traders could access several algorithmic trading methods via the new HAL platform from the European-based digital asset management firm. It is simple to cancel the service at any time. HAL only advertised its services in the United Kingdom and the European Union, despite having no geographical restrictions.

Long-term investors who want to increase their trading activity and improve their risk-adjusted returns in choppy markets can also benefit from HAL. Moreover, HAL can be used to overlay other cryptocurrency exchanges, but it cannot be used to buy and sell coins.

Could HAL Change Retail Investors’ Trading?

The HAL trading platform, developed by CoinShares’ quant team, will allow cryptocurrency traders to trade digital assets on centralized exchanges. Furthermore, HAL simplifies cryptocurrency trading by providing trading algorithms to all exchange customers.

Users can quickly connect HAL to their preferred trading platform. They can use specially crafted or created trading algorithms to select the trading techniques that work best for them. HAL simplifies complex market offerings that use novice trader-created bots to target skilled consumers.

HAL is the first platform of its kind, offering easy access to trading techniques developed by experts with extensive experience in the cryptocurrency market. As a result, HAL has the potential to change the way retail investors approach trading.

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