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Consumer products giant Unilever has officially dipped its toes into the metaverse as the company announced several initiatives that constitute the first steps of the corporation to engage with its customer base via this up-and-coming ecosystem.

In a blog post, Unilever emphasized that even though the web3 and the metaverse are in their “early days”, they are already taking “strategic steps” to be a part of this young industry.

Among those steps, the company announced that it has created a team that will work to ensure that the corporation’s extensive portfolio of brands secure a spot in the virtual realm. Emily O’Brien is one of the company’s Programme Directors for Unilever’s Web3 initiative.

In regards to the firm’s efforts to establish a footprint in this young ecosystem, O’Brien stated: “We know our consumers are already immersing themselves in these spaces and spending more of their time with virtual experiences that enable them to explore their passions, participate in cultural events, and engage with like-minded communities”.

O’Brien, who is also the head of the Beauty and Personal Care unit of the firm’s in-house digital marketing agency, also commented that the metaverse is a “great opportunity” for brands but that they must be careful to be authentic so people can feel both safe and valued in these virtual spaces.

A Marathon and a Museum – These Are Unilever First Initiatives in the Metaverse

As part of its initiatives in the metaverse, the company has used the decentralized platform called Decentraland (LAND) to create and host several experiences including a digital marathon called the Degree Methaton. The activity was sponsored by Rexona, one of Unilever’s personal care brands.

The marathon provided users with the opportunity of taking a peak of 26.2 miles of the Decentraland platform’s “most spectacular scenery”.

In addition, the Closeup brand created a place called the City Hall of Love in Decentraland. this is a location in which couples who are not allowed to legally marry in the physical world can immortalize their union by minting a marriage certificate that will be minted on the blockchain as a non-fungible token (NFT) and host a ceremony to celebrate the event.

“With the City Hall of Love in the metaverse, we are excited to add another tangible way in which people can experience our purpose using the blockchain technology to break the stereotypes, many couples still face”, stated Gaurav Datta, the Global Vice President of the dental care brand.

Finally, in June this year, the company invited those who attended a metaverse festival in Amsterdam to enter a virtual museum called “The Magnum Pleasure Museum” where users could contemplate original artwork created by painters, sculptors, and designers from multiple corners of the world.

In addition, those who participated in the experience were able to order one of the brand’s ice creams via Unilever’s partnership with Deliveroo. This initiative showcased the practical applications and commercial prospects of the metaverse.

“Our first step into the metaverse combines the purpose of Magnum pleasure, showing the brand’s rich history of art collaborations, with the consumer journey of the future, ending with a Magnum ice cream in real life”, commented Federico Russo, the brand’s Global eCommerce Lead.

MANA Rises After Unilever Gives the Platform a Pad on the Back

In the past 30 days, the price of MANA, the native token of Decentraland, has risen by nearly 14%. This uptick somehow coincides with Unilever’s news and, curiously, the company has chosen a decentralized platform for the creation and launch of its very first web3 initiatives.

Multiple other companies have been exploring the endless possibilities of the web3 including fashion brands that have created NFTs and that plan to release digital assets in the metaverse.

According to a research report from McKinsey, the metaverse industry could reach a value of $5 trillion by 2030. One of the most prominent corporations that have been investing a lot of resources into the space is Meta Platforms – formerly known as Facebook. Last year, the head of the social media company, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that the firm was changing its name to embrace a new vision that consisted of a full-blown pivot toward the development of a virtual ecosystem.

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