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Climate Activists Need to Convince Businesses to Change – This Web3 Project Has a Plan

Green Web3 Project ecoterra / ecoterra
Green Web3 Project ecoterra incentivizes eco action

For years, climate activists have faced a difficult battle in convincing businesses to embrace eco-friendly practices. The challenge often lies in convincing corporations that green initiatives can align with profitability. ecoterra presents an intriguing solution to give this narrative a rewrite.

ecoterra intends to combine the power of blockchain technology with green initiatives to incentivize sustainable actions to bridge the gap between sustainability and business profitability.

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Building a Sustainable Ecosystem: ecoterra’s Native Token and Recycling Initiatives

ecoterra is building an ecosystem fueled by its native token, $ECOTERRA, which has been developed to promote recycling and reduce carbon footprints. It will encourage recycling through a unique Recycle-to-Earn (R2E) system, facilitate the trading of recycled materials, and inspire individuals and businesses to offset their carbon footprints.

By attracting significant investor interest in its ongoing presale, the web3 project has already managed to surpass the $3.7 million mark. When the presale hits $3.925 million, the token price will rise from $0.00775 to $0.0085.

Having been recognized for its contribution to the sustainable crypto ecosystem at the recent Istanbul Blockchain summit, this web3 project team isn’t an inexperienced one. ecoterra was a proud sponsor of the event, featuring globally renowned speakers like Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor.

According to Mihai Ciutureanu, the CEO of ecoterra, in light of the increasingly severe impacts of global climate change, both individuals and businesses are taking greater steps to safeguard the environment. Recycling, as per Ciutureanu, is a crucial element of these endeavors.

ecoterra’s goal is not only to raise awareness about the importance of recycling but also to motivate individuals to recycle by providing monetary incentives through their Recycle-to-Earn program.

ecoterra: The Web3 Solution Shaping Sustainable Futures; Poised for Prominence in Cryptocurrency Exchanges

ecoterra intends to provide a comprehensive solution to a variety of environmental issues. Users will have the opportunity to earn $ECOTERRA by actively participating in recycling efforts. It will also serve as a marketplace for recycled materials, allowing businesses to purchase recycled goods using $ECOTERRA or other cryptocurrencies.

ecoterra is also creating a separate marketplace where individuals and businesses can buy verified blockchain-based carbon credits to offset their emissions. The web3 project will provide a platform for tracking all environmentally friendly actions via an impact profile. Such a feature could improve the brand image of environmentally conscious businesses and increase customer loyalty.

Analysts predict that as cryptocurrency adoption grows, green web3 projects like Ecoterra will make a significant contribution to global climate change mitigation efforts.

ecoterra has generated a lot of interest around its project and the $ECOTERRA token thanks to a high-profile appearance at the Istanbul Blockchain Summit. The event also provided an opportunity for the web3 project to discuss potential $ECOTERRA token launch partnerships with major centralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

According to ecoterra’s Whitepaper, the $ECOTERRA token will be available on major cryptocurrency exchanges in the third quarter of 2023. ecoterra’s token presale has already reached the halfway point, indicating growing interest and confidence in the web3 project.

Ensuring Security, Verification, and Transparent Token Distribution Strategy

ecoterra has taken significant steps to ensure the project’s security. Certik audited the web3 project, and the team completed Certik’s KYC procedures, ensuring a high level of security and verification for its investors.

The web3 project also has a clear and transparent token distribution plan. The Ecoterra presale offers the public 50% of the total supply of 2 billion $ECOTERRA tokens. The remainder of the tokens are set aside for listing and marketing (20%), ecosystem liquidity (20%), and team and corporate adoptions (10%).

The team’s tokens are locked for one year before being released monthly for the next three years. This approach demonstrates the team’s commitment to the web3 project and its long-term vision for environmental sustainability.

ecoterra’s Bridging the Gap Between Environmental Sustainability and Profitability

The challenge for climate activists has always been to persuade businesses that environmental sustainability and profitability are compatible. ecoterra’s strategy could serve as a model for closing the gap. ecoterra’s mission is to benefit both the environment and businesses by integrating blockchain technology with recycling incentives, carbon offsetting, and other green initiatives.

As the ecoterra presale continues to gain traction, it has the potential to influence how businesses view their roles in environmental sustainability. As more firms adopt greener practices and blockchain technology becomes more widely available, ecoterra might be at the forefront of the emerging era of corporate environmentalism.

ecoterra’s plan offers a unique take on the traditional approach to environmental activism. It suggests a solution that benefits the environment while also adding value to businesses. The success of this web3 project could pave the way for future projects that balance profitability and sustainability in the same way.

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