Memecoins that find themselves connected to Elon Musk in nearly any way seem to always pump. The trend started with Dogecoin but it has since spawned dozens if not hundreds of memecoins that made early investors millions of dollars, all because of Musk.

One of the most exciting new coins, $L, has decided to go after Musk’s approval and recognition by airdropping tokens to Twitter Blue users.

What is $L Token and Will It Get an Elon Musk Shoutout?

$L token is one of the most likely memecoins to get some public attention from Musk in the near future. It was purpose-built to catch his eye and get him to support it.

The token’s name doesn’t have Musk or even his Shiba Inu dog Floki’s name in it but it’s based on one of his favorite characters called L in the anime Death Note, a show he is known to like.

$L may also just be good for Twitter. All Twitter Blue subscribers were eligible for the $L airdrop, though you had to reserve your tokens before the reservation period ended Monday. Those who were able to reserve the airdrop can now claim their tokens on the $L website.

The project may have actually gotten some people to sign up for Twitter Blue just to get their airdrop.

However, now that you can no longer reserve an airdrop, it is unlikely to do much for the platform now. This likely means that Elon Musk won’t acknowledge the coin, even if it drove a few Twitter Blue sales.

Despite this, it exploded over 7,500% after it launched. It has dropped significantly since but it is still up nearly 2,000%.

Some people who claimed were even reportedly able to sell their tokens for $500-$1,000. This hype may not last long, however.

No Need to Wait – Musk Already Tweeted At This New Memecoin WSM

It seems like building a genuine community based on fun and camaraderie works better at attracting the attention of large influencers and even Elon Musk.

The viral new memecoin, Wall Street Memes or $WSM, was born out of the retail revolution that powered the gamestop short squeeze of 2021. $WSM is the ultimate symbol of the little guy fighting against the oppressive financial system.

The project first made headlines with its pioneering NFT collection, the Wall St Bulls, when it sold out in about 30 minutes, raising $2.5 million. Since then it has been able to build a massive community of over 1 million traders, ‘degens’, memers, and all-around supportive crypto-enthusiasts.

Building on this foundation, it launched the $WSM token presale that has been remarkably successful so far. It has raised an incredible $10.8 million in just a few weeks.

One of the project’s greatest assets is its ability to generate hilarious memes. It has been integral in building the community and it even caught Elon Musk’s eye enough for him to reply to the project’s memes multiple times.

For example, Musk replied to a popular meme joking about the Federal Reserve’s money printing spree following the onset of the COVID pandemic.

He also found a Wall St Memes video of Musk criticizing Jim Cramer’s poor ability to pick stocks funny enough to reply with a laughing crying emoji.

Musk has interacted with Wall St Memes account 3 times already and with the quality of memes it keeps putting out, it seems likely that they won’t be the last.

$WSM has an exciting year ahead of it with its Uniswap IEO expected to drop later this year and a whopping $50,000 airdrop open for entries now.

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