The best investment opportunities are always seized early. Chimpzee is the latest cryptocurrency to open one. The project dedicated to climate action and wildlife conservation has already caught the attention of global communities dedicated to similar missions.

That translates to attractive returns for early investors of CHMPZ coins, now in the presale stage. Analysts predict a 10-12X price rise for the token in the second half of this year.

Here is a closer look at the project and whether it justifies the predictions.

What is the market relevance of Chimpzee?

There are few crypto assets that provide tangible real-world utility or collectible value. That is the first and foremost factor that draws investors to Chimpzee. While assets like meme coins that tap into hype and speculation appeal to a specific segment of the market that prefers speculative trading, they have never stood the test of time.

Speculative assets have unsustainable business models. If your entry and exit points are even slightly mistimed, they can bring you significant financial losses. Chimpzee’s market-relevant utility positions it as one of the most promising cryptocurrencies in 2023. It aims to combat the rapid climate change and human encroachment on eco-sensitive areas by harnessing Web 3.0 innovation.

But how relevant is a social mission among crypto traders?

The answer requires a closer look into climate change, the mass destruction of forests, and their implications.

An unfairly large number of species worldwide teeters on the brink of extinction. The consistently reckless and thoughtless human actions are to blame. In two centuries, we have caused a rapid decline in both plant and animal populations.

We tend to forget that we are animals too. By killing our fellow beings, we are essentially digging our own graves. For one thing, extensive wildlife destruction disrupts the food chain and leads to a long-term scarcity of food supply.

But the climate implications are far more evident now. Given that our forests play a crucial role in absorbing a significant portion of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, we’re facing a widespread climate crisis. Interestingly, deforestation exacerbates climate change, which leads to further deforestation. The consequences of deforestation will become increasingly apparent with each passing year.

Clearly, building awareness hasn’t worked out well. So, what next?

Chimpzee provides a tangible solution with its three-pillared ecosystem underpinned by crypto incentivization. And therein lies its high market relevance.

Chimpzee vs. Deforestation

At the heart of Chimpzee’s unique business model is a deeper understanding of human psychology which shrugs off perceived distant threats. As a result, environmental initiatives should think beyond raising awareness to incentivization, which proves to be more successful.

Here is how Chimpzee executes it through its ecosystem: Chimpzee Shop, Chimpzee NFT Marketplace, and Chimpzee Zero Tolerance Game.

The first key component of the ecosystem is the Chimpzee store. Earn rewards in CHMPZ coins every time you buy merchandise from the platform. A small share of the profits from the shop-to-earn platform is donated to organizations that align with Chimpzee’s mission.

The second component, the Chimpzee NFT Marketplace, on the other hand, offers a trade-to-earn system with a profit-sharing mechanism. It prioritizes eco-conscious projects and assets over shallow collectibles and in-game assets.

Chimpzee Ecosystem

The third component is the Chimpzee Zero Tolerance Game. With each level you cross in the game, you earn rewards in CHMPZ coins, the native cryptocurrency. These coins can be held for resale returns and sold on the open market. They can also be used to purchase merchandise from the Chimpzee Store or NFTs from the Chimpzee NFT Marketplace.

These three platforms come with special advantages and benefits to Chimpzee NFT Passport holders, including a larger share of the trading fee profit pool, exclusive discounts at the Chimpzee Store and bigger rewards and advantages in the game.

Why CHMPZ has a higher rate of potential mass adoption?

Brands and celebrities are actively seeking to embrace the latest trends on the internet. It is an excellent marketing strategy. A good example is NFTs. Mainstream adoption played a significant role in catalyzing the crypto and NFT bull runs during 2021. The eagerness to mark brand presence in the metaverse led to a surge in the prices of NFTs and the native cryptocurrencies of platforms like The Sandbox and Decentraland.

One of the most effective ways to find the next big cryptocurrency is to analyze its rate of potential adoption.

Chimpzee emerges as a strong contender due to its environmental vision that resonates with a global audience. Its distinctive business model, dedicated to boosting wildlife protection and climate action, aligns perfectly with the interests of businesses and individuals looking to reinforce their brand value.

Initiatives such as The Giving Block, One Tree Planted, and the WILD Foundation are working with Chimpzee on realizing its vision. The network will expand to more global initiatives in the coming months.

Buy CHMPZ before it breaks out

The benefits of Investing in Chimpzee extend beyond resale returns. It gets you excellent passive income, as you can use CHMPZ tokens across any of the three aforementioned platforms. Moreover, investing in CHMPZ and Chimpzee NFT passports shows your support to climate action and wildlife conservation.

The social and passive investment aspects underpin the value of Chimpzee assets. As more brands and celebrities join Chimpzee’s mission in the coming months, the price of these assets will take off multifold, making it a hefty investment for late-comers.

So, make sure you grab the tokens early to take advantage of its value appreciation this year. The best way into the project is the CHMPZ presale, which is currently available at heavy discounts and bonuses. Early investors have the opportunity to receive a significant amount of bonus coins at the presale.