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Crypto is on shaky ground right now, but we have our eyes on a coin that could be set for 1,000% gains when its new product launches this month – its a crypto games platform called Lucky Block.

In the past week, the crypto ecosystem experienced a sizeable downturn in the prices of many cryptocurrencies. For example, Bitcoin’s value reduced by over 50% in comparison to its value in April 2021.

More shockingly, coins like Luna plummeted to zero and experienced a total wipeout in value. In practice, investors lost all of their funds.

If you are either a Luna or Bitcoin investor, there is a high chance that your faith in cryptocurrencies may have been challenged lately.

May Launch lighting fire under Lucky Block (LBLOCK) price

However, hold that thought. The launch of Lucky Block’s crypto games platform is taking place later this month and is sure to be a positive development for the price of its token.

Buying Lucky Block tokens now could put your portfolio on the road to recovery.

At the centre of the new platform will initially be a charity-focused jackpot prize where every player is guaranteed to be rewarded. But its plans don’t stop there.

There is a good chance that Lucky Block’s value could increase by as much as 1,000% due to the attraction of its jackpot draw prizes platform and the news that it is introducing a free entry ticket.

Here’s all you need to know about Lucky Block, the upcoming daily jackpot prize draws and its product roadmap.

Right now, the price is off its highs at $0.0098 and currently trades at $0.00151, up 17%, with many market participants watching for a successful launch and taking positions on the back of that.

Assuming the launch goes to plan, the price could easily start heading back to ATH, which would represent a 1,000% price increase.

The current bear market in crypto notwithstanding, Lucky Block is likely to stand out from the crowd because it will be one of those rare projects in crypto that has a revenue stream.

lucky block

Lucky Block marketing has been making waves

LBLOCK is the native token of the Lucky Block platform. The coin is backed by Finixio, one of the world’s largest crypto media companies. It is set to be deployed on the Lucky Block platform, the forthcoming play-to-earn crypto games platform.

Lucky Block has been attracting significant attention due to its immense potential within the crypto ecosystem.

Already the likes of Dillian Whyte, who recently fought Tyson Fury in the largest boxing fight in European history, have signed up as ambassadors for the project.

Lucky Block CEO Scott Ryder recently featured in the Sun newspaper, the UK’s biggest selling newspaper.

Since the launch of the Lucky Block token in late January, the coin has experienced impressive growth in trading activity. In three months, the coin’s holders has surged to more than 53,000.

How Lucky Block jackpot prize draws will support charity

In addition to the daily jackpot main prize draw, there will also be opportunities for participants to win raffle prizes such as cars and luxury watches.

Already, the main prize pool is valued at around $2 million. Also, 10% of the jackpot prize goes to charities.

To ensure compliance with security legislation, token holders are required to vote for their preferred charity in order to claim the reward, which is paid in LBLOCK.

While this jackpot prize draw might at first glance appear similar to offerings from many crypto games platforms, what sets it apart is that every participant is guaranteed a reward. In fact, 10% of the jackpot prize is reserved for token holders.

Road to mass adoption is realistic and tangible

With its boxing ambassadors just one sign of its strategy to bring new money into crypto paying off, the possibilities for rapid expansion and burgeoning profitability is highly tangible.

As such then, mass adoption is a realistic possibility due to its “games gallery” for its daily draws, that will include geo-targeted games of chance like Keno, Mahjong and Pai Gow, and the new free ticket feature for the daily draws.

On the last point, with free tickets attracting many more to try out the platform and end up buying tickets to improve their chances of winning in the daily draws.

Lucky Block has also launched a NFT collection, with each owner of one of the NFTs entitled to lifetime entry to the separate daily NFT draw.

To entice more buyers, Lucky Block is holding a one-off special prize draw with $1 million up for grabs to lucky NFT owners – you could become an overnight millionaire.

Where to Buy LBLOCK

The LBLOCK token can be bought using the newly introduced fiat ramp on the Lucky Block website.

For now you must buy BNB first and then swap into LBLOCK, but a direct buy with fiat feature is coming soon.

You can also buy LBLOCK on decentralised exchange Pancakeswap .

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