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The use of electric vehicles is becoming more widespread as concerns over climate change and fossil fuel dependence increase. However, as the number of EVs on the road increases, the need for reliable and easily accessible charging stations also increases. To address this issue, a new blockchain-connected EV charging platform, called C+Charge, has been developed to make charging electric vehicles as convenient, affordable, and straightforward as possible.

C+Charge aims to meet the growing needs of EV owners by allowing them to connect with charging networks seamlessly and easily and pay via a peer-to-peer system. The platform allows users to quickly locate nearby charging stations, reserve designated time slots, earn rewards, and receive reminders when it’s time to charge their vehicles.

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Why EV Drivers Need an EV Charging Platform

As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, the need for a comprehensive EV charging platform is becoming more important. While the number of EV charging stations is increasing, they are not yet as prevalent as gasoline pumps. EV apps provide a convenient solution for drivers by allowing them to locate EV chargers and plan their trips with confidence that they won’t run out of power.

EV charging platforms offer a range of features to make the charging process more manageable for drivers. For example, apps allow users to set reminders to charge their vehicle, start or stop charging remotely, and schedule charging during off-peak hours which can be more cost-effective.

Other apps like C+Charge, go even further by providing drivers with real-time information on charging station availability, pricing, and the types of connectors available. This is incredibly helpful for planning trips in advance or avoiding any unexpected issues.

C+Charge’s EV Charging Platform Difference

C+Charge aims to lead the industry with its innovative blockchain-based EV charging platform that connects EV owners to charging networks for seamless payment transactions.

C+Charge’s platform utilizes blockchain technology to create a peer-to-peer system, enabling users to easily pay through their digital wallets while bypassing traditional systems. Additionally, the platform offers transparent real-time information on charging costs to users.

Sustainability is at the heart of C+Charge’s mission. Through their partnership with Flowcarbon, EV owners can earn carbon credits and rewards in the form of the sustainable cryptocurrency Goodness Nature Tokens ($GNT).

GNT tokens are a reliable and voluntary carbon credit, with support from venture capital firms a16z Crypto, Samsung Next, and fund manager Invesco. EV owners can earn more GNT tokens simply by charging their cars, and CCHG holders have the opportunity to receive passive credits as well. All transactions on the C+Charge platform will be subject to a 1% tax that will be used to purchase GNT carbon credits, which will then be distributed among CCHG token holders based on their holdings.

This innovative feature not only inspires EV drivers to contribute to a cleaner, emissions free environment, but also provides incentives for their actions. Furthermore, it makes carbon credits more accessible, encouraging more individuals to switch from gasoline-powered cars to EVs and ultimately resulting in a reduction of emissions on a global scale.

C+Charge EV Charging App Features

C+Charge is a comprehensive EV charging app that offers a variety of features to make the charging process more convenient for drivers. It simplifies the process of finding nearby charging stations and provides real-time wait times and technical information about the various charging stations, all in one place.

One of the standout features of C+Charge is its ability to help property managers monitor electricity consumption connected with each electric vehicle. This allows landlords and businesses to install extra charging stations without worrying about overcharging non-EV drivers–with the added benefit of increased revenue, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced hassle of managing energy costs associated with their charge stations.

C+Charge is a prime example of blockchain technology being implemented in the real world. The platform and its associated utility token, CCHG, offer a revolutionary customer experience with transparent pricing, ensuring that users receive an efficient and streamlined service that meets their charging needs.

The C+Charge platform has already raised $404K in its presale and continues to grow. The CCHG cryptocurrency presale is currently selling tokens at $0.013 USDT, and will rise to $0.0165 USTD before launching on exchanges on March 31, 2023.

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