Lucky Block established itself during the last bull market as the premier NFT prize draw platform, and its native token LBLOCK was one of the fastest tokens to reach a market cap of $1 billion. Now, the team have built their own crypt0-native casino and sportsbook.

The premier NFT prize platform

First and foremost, Lucky Block is an NFT prize platform in which users can choose to buy an NFT for a chance to win various prizes.

These prizes are luxurious, and include $1m in Bitcoin, a $1m luxury home, and many other such discerning rewards.

It is extremely easy to participate in these prize draws and anyone who wants to is able to do so, and the scale of the rewards has historically attracted a huge amount of attention to the LBLOCK token.

Lucky Block launches their own casino and sportsbook

The team at Lucky Block were pleased with the success of their NFT prize platform, but decided that they ought to expand their product offering in order to drive as much value as possible to the project.

In this way, the team made an announcement last week that they would be revealing their new products. Namely, they have added a crypto casino and sportsbook.

This allows almost anyone from around the world to participate in online gambling and games of chance.

We are now in the middle of the World Cup, which is one of the most popular events when it comes to betting and gambling, despite it being haram in the host nation.

The casino has a range of different games of chance that make it an addictive casino experience, and there are many speculators who believe that this will bode well for the price of LBLOCK moving foward.

The LBLOCK v2 token continues to gain steam

The LBLOCK v2 token has continued to appreciate on the news of their most recent product launches, and has now appreciated by over 60% during the course of the last seven days.

During the past 24 hours alone, the token price has appreciated by over 20%.

Those who wish to accumulate and add to their LBLOCK can do so on a variety of different exchanges where LBLOCK is listed, including Uniswap, LBank and BitMart.

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