Cardano price prediction

Some bullish sentiment is returning to the markets, as the past 24 hours have seen a variety of different projects finally appreciating. Some of them have appreciated more than others, with projects such as SOL, ATOM and GALA rising by relatively high double digit percentages. However, one project that many people have their eyes on is Cardano, which is a fast layer one blockchain competing with the likes of Ethereum and Avalanche.

The Cardano price has risen by over 18% today

Founded by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson, Cardano is a blockchain focused on speed, scalability and interoperability with other blockchains, and has stood out from the crowd historically by adopting more of an academic approach to project development, rather than Ethereum’s “move fast and break things” attitude.

Notorious for its high degree of volatility, even in the crypto space, Cardano is a project that has extreme price volatility, and hasn’t fared well throughout 2022 on its descent from all time highs.

Nevertheless, there has been some bullish movement over the past 24 hours, with the price having appreciated by over 18%, and many wondering whether it could go higher or not.

Speculators drawn in by the price increase have wondered whether or not it may be worth accumulating ADA at these levels, especially considering the perceived discount relative to its former all time highs.

However, there are many fledgling projects still in their early stages that could provide more promise for investors, particularly those that are still in their presale and have yet to launch, These projects, which have significantly lower market caps that ADA, may provide far more compelling opportunities for investments moving forward.


Dash 2 Trade is a brand new project that is positioning itself as the Bloomberg terminal of crypto, in that it is a subscription service that is designed to make trading as easy as possible for retail.

Those who use the platform are able to receive a range of detailed information about the crypto markets, and are able to become more effective traders thanks to these signals, which include special customised alerts for exchange listings and price alerts.

Moreover, users can choose to automate their own trading strategies, backtest them, and invest in presales.


FGHT is the native token of the FightOut ecosystem, a brand new project that is pioneering the move to earn industry in an attempt to use blockchains to more effectively incentivise people to look after their health and to exercise as much as possible.

Those who exercise using the platform are able to track their progress and level up their metaverse avatar, whilst at the same time becoming healthier and farming FGHT and REPS tokens.

The FightOut presale has now raised $2.7m and has been selling out extremely quickly. The price of FGHT currently stands at just $0.0166, but given that the presale is being conducted in stages the price is set to rise to $0.033 at the next stage.


Tamadoge is a brand new meme token and metaverse experience, and has recently released the first beta iteration of their play to earn game.

Tamadoge had the largest presale ever for a play to earn token, successfully managing to raise $19m (more than the Ethereum ICO) and has been growing from strength to strength since then, with the development of their native metaverse (the Tamaverse) also now well underway.

IMPT – a crypto even greener than Cardano

The Impact Project is one of the greenest projects in the world of crypto, and is focused on using blockchains to make carbon credits more efficient.

One can choose to shop through the IMPT platform with over 25,000 different brands in order to earn IMPT as cashback rewards, which can then in turn be used to mint carbon credits.

This dynamic means that both consumers as well as large companies are actively incentivised to ensure that they score highly on ESG metrics and think responsibly around the environment moving forward.

Although Cardano may have be better known than some of the aforementioned projects, it is likely that newer projects will perform better in the short to medium term.

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