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IMPT is a project that seeks to make it easier to carbon offset and dramatically improve the state of carbon credits by using the blockchain.

Carbon offset by using the IMPT shopping platform

Over the course of the last decade, there has been growing pressure on companies and institutions to offset their carbon emissions by engaging in green policies.

This pressure has come from the court of public opinion, but there has also been pressure from governments around the world who believe that moving the world to become a “greener” place is a better thing.

The rise of ESG scores has been the best example of this, since it has meant that companies that are excessively pollutant and damage the environment find it far harder to attract capital than those who do good things for the environment.

IMPT wants to expand this phenomenon in order to also incentivise consumers as well as companies to think in a green way.

Individuals that shop through the IMPT shopping platform are eligible to earn IMPT rewards as cash back, which they can then use to redeem for carbon credits (this process involves burning the IMPT, making it scarcer).

A more transparent system of carbon credits

The current system by which carbon credits are traded is rather opaque and antiquated. IMPT is changing this by allowing users to trade carbon credits as NFTs on the blockchain.

This means that trading can occur 24/7 without interruptions, and anyone can participate (not just companies).

The transparency and increased efficiency is a dramatic improvement on the current state of affairs, and means that the market of carbon credits can be opened to anyone with an Internet connection, ushering in a new era of green trading.

The IMPT presale has now raised $12m

The IMPT presale is now live on their website, and has now successfully raised $12m out of a total of $25,980,000.

The price of IMPT increases as the presale progresses, meaning that those who participate at the earlier stages are able to acquire tokens at cheaper prices.

Currently, IMPT tokens can be acquired for a price of $0.018, but at the next stage of the presale the price will increase to $0.023 – the price will increase even further when the project lists at IDO.

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