Crypto analysts are optimistic about XRP’s prospects because the asset’s developers currently hold significant momentum in their battle against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). There have been predictions of XRP pumping as high as 10x in 2023, but with the current state of the economy, this seems highly unlikely.

However, there are still coins that are likely to explode in 2023. Below, we’ll review three coins that can offer impressive gains down the line.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is a cryptocurrency research and analysis platform that focuses on offering high-quality information to investors looking to earn in the crypto market. The platform was built by Learn 2 Trade, a crypto education platform that boasts a community of over 70,000 members. Of these members, about 40,000 have recorded gains in their trading activity within the past month alone.

By offering investors real-time, high-quality information on the market, Dash 2 Trade looks to optimize their chances of earning returns.

The platform’s impressive features include on-chain analysis, a trading application program interface (API), and notifications when new cryptocurrencies are listed on notable centralized exchanges. Dash 2 Trade also provides access to some of the market’s most prominent initial coin offerings (ICOs). So investors looking to back valuable coins before they list on centralized exchanges or become more prominent can do so seamlessly.

Dash 2 Trade is looking to be the “Bloomberg terminal of crypto,” and it taps into the need for quality information and research as the crypto market becomes more mainstream.

D2T, the platform’s native token, will be used to pay for access to its Starter and Premium service tiers. Dash 2 Trade is a subscription-based platform; it costs 400 D2T tokens monthly. However, Premium members must spend 1,000 D2T tokens monthly to access the platform.

With crypto adoption expected to grow, D2T also has a significant potential for growth. The digital asset is currently available on presale for 0.0476 USDT per token.

Impact Project (IMPT)

IMPT is another coin that is set to explode by 2023. The token is currently available on presale but is already experiencing growing investor attention.

IMPT is the utility token for the Impact Project, a blockchain initiative that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The Impact Project makes it possible for individuals and organizations to buy carbon credits and fund environmental sustainability projects worldwide. The platform has an affiliate network of over 25,000 companies, including big names like Amazon, Netflix, and Microsoft.

Impact Project is stepping into an important field. Over the past years, there have been discussions about blockchain technology and its impact on the environment, especially concerning crypto mining and transaction confirmation. This platform hopes to change that paradigm, showing that blockchain can be used for the good of the planet. With IMPT, investors can back the project.

IMPT’s presale has been a hot-ticket item. The crypto asset has already raised $8 million in 3 weeks, and it will likely hit its developers’ $10.8 million target before the end of its first stage in late November. IMPT is currently available at $0.018.

Calvaria (RIA)

There is also a new digital asset for fans of the popular play-to-earn (P2E) gaming model. RIA, the native token for Calvaria, is an exciting crypto asset with significant potential, especially in the highly competitive blockchain gaming space.

Calvaria is similar to many P2E games as it allows players to purchase and trade cards in a simulated virtual environment. The cards are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent specific characters, with players able to earn and improve their cards in preparation for battles. Different groups within the online universe come with tier visual styles, which are reflected in the types of characters they use.

Calvaria places a significant premium on accessibility. The game is available on mobile and desktop devices, and users don’t have to own crypto wallets or assets to start playing. This means that players with minimal crypto knowledge can also participate in the game.

RIA is the game’s primary token and will be used for staking, rewards, and more. The digital asset is also available on presale at 0.01 USDT. With Calvaria looking to be the next big thing in blockchain gaming, RIA could be set for some significant gains down the line.

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