There are many in the Dogecoin space who are enthralled by the possibility of large gains, and hype such as that which was whipped up after Elon’s acquisition of Twitter has meant that the price has performed considerably well. Could the price of Dogecoin 50x by 2023? Absolutely not: this would make it larger than BTC and ETH’s market caps combined.

However, there are some new fledgeling projects with far smaller market caps that have plenty of room to grow over the next few months, and may well outperform Dogecoin.


Dash 2 Trade is a brand new signals platform for trading, and has been gaining traction in its presale having now $3.5m.

The Dash 2 Trade dashboard has a variety of features for retail traders to make use of, and is positioning itself as the “Bloomberg terminal of crypto”, except with far more features than a traditional Bloomberg terminal, and far less expensive.


IMPT is a project focused on revolutionising the market of carbon credits. This is achieved by rewarding consumers who “shop responsibly” through the IMPT shopping platform with IMPT rewards as cash back.

There are over 25,000 different brands that have been onboarded to the IMPT shopping platform through their affiliate scheme, which selects companies that have high ESG scores.

When one earn IMPT tokens as cash back, these can be redeemed for carbon credits as NFTs to showcase one’s green credentials.


RIA is the native token for the Calvaria play to earn gaming ecosystem. In addition to being used in the game and distributed as rewards to players, it can be used as a governance token for the Calvaria DAO.

This means that not only can gamers own a part of the ecosystem that the are playing in, but they can also vote to guide its future direction.


Capitalising on the nexus of puppy-themed meme coins, play to earn gaming, and the metaverse, Tamadoge is a brand new project that successfully raised $19m at its presale, and is now developing some of the most important features of their roadmap.

The price of TAMA has performed well since inception, and many are hoping that the sustained hype around puppy meme coins will continue to be a boon for the project.

Not only that, but the team at Tamadoge are also developing the Tamaverse, which is a custom-made metaverse specifically for the Tamadoge ecosystem. They are also developing a mobile app, which will allow people to interact with their Tamadoges using artificial reality.

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