The Uniswap listing of P2E token RIA will be held on 21 Feb 2023 at 2 PM UTC. RIA is the native cryptocurrency of Calvaria that has been trending in the crypto and traditional gaming communities since its presale stage. The Uniswap listing will make the token available to more users from around the world.

Uniswap listing scheduled for 21 Feb

Calvaria is one of the hottest cryptocurrencies in 2023. Since the announcement of the project, it has been witnessing massive traffic from the broad gaming community. In the presale stage, investors and potential users were stocking up on the token in bulk. Despite the bear market trends, it marched ahead, raising over $3M in a short space of time from public investors.


The buying demand hasn’t slowed down upon the token launch and CEX listings, as common in the market. But the token is still selling for a price much lower than its intrinsic value, according to industry experts. As a result, the buying demand is expected to increase in the coming days. The rally has already begun, recording a 33.97% uptick in the last 24 hours alone.

Uniswap is one of the world’s largest decentralized exchanges with a total trading volume (24h) of $133,083,920.25 at the time of this writing. It is known for introducing the automated market maker (AMM) model to the market, which greatly improved the user experience for traders who were grappling with the inherent limitations of centralized exchanges. This includes liquidity, token availability, and regulatory hassles – to name just a few. $RIA’s Uniswap listing will come as a huge relief to users who can’t access centralized exchanges.

Source: CoinMarketCap, Date: 21 Feb 2023

More CEX and DEX listings to follow

Calvaria has a series of CEX and DEX listings scheduled for the coming weeks and months. The team is working on making $RIA available on tier-1 crypto exchanges to meet the growing demand and offer a reliable trading experience. Currently, RIA is listed on LBANK, the leading centralized exchange. As per the website, the next listing is likely to be on Changelly, an intuitive platform for fast crypto exchanges of digital currency, trusted by 2M users.

The hottest crypto P2E game of 2023

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is an NFT card game where players compete in tournaments using cards that represent different characters. Each of these cards has its own unique set of abilities, which the player can use to devise their strategies and defeat opponents. In exchange, they will win rewards and various upgrades.

The fact that card games are one of the most dominant crypto-gaming domains gives Calvaria an edge in the market. And so does its theme centered around the afterlife. Whether it’s in popular media or games, the afterlife has rarely been explored. Thus, it unlocks abundant creative possibilities.

But that doesn’t explain the game’s popularity. Calvaria will be made available in both play-to-earn and free-to-play versions. As a result, you can play the game with or without digital assets. Of course, you need to invest in digital assets to start earning from the game. That’s not a barrier to playing the game, however.

Why does it matter?

At the heart of a game is its community. Not investors, but the gaming community. Most blockchain games forget this aspect and focus on just meeting the demands of investors. That is not sustainable in the long run. Giving gamers the time to understand the gameplay and get good at it makes a huge difference. To begin with, it gives them a sense of control.

Calvaria will show an F2P player their potential earnings on the screen. As the gameplay improves, the player makes the move to P2E at their own will. The sustained user acquisition strategy sets an example in the industry.

Gripping gameplay centered around the afterlife

The key highlight of Calvaria is its competitive strategy game. Here, your goal is to outwit your opponent by using the right combination of cards. You can reach higher levels of play by using the toolkit provided in each deck. Unlike similar classic card games, you can completely own your game resources and assets in Calvaria.

You will be able to collect a unique set of resources to pursue the strategy of your liking. You can’t just buy them from the in-game store, but also from the free market outside the game. Calvaria will feature different game modes to accommodate players with different goals and preferences.

The first of these is the single-player campaign. It is an optional but useful game mode where you can explore the history of the game’s universe. The battles in the single-player mode will be against the game’s artificial intelligence. Here, you can win rewards in the form of unique cards or power-ups for winning matches. Interestingly, they can be later used in the Player versus Player mode.

Player vs. Player game mode is a proving ground where you compete with real players using misdirection and strategic planning. Your unique cards, power-ups, collectible NFT tokens, and how you use them will greatly increase your chances of winning. Winners are rewarded in $RIA tokens, the native cryptocurrency of Calvaria and the main component of the game’s entire economy.

RIA has a bright road ahead

Calvaria is one of the most promising gaming projects of 2023 for multiple reasons.

  • It is available as an application – targeting everybody who plays phone or PC games.
  • It caters to crypto and non-crypto users through both free-to-play and play-to-earn game versions. You need not buy digital assets or install wallets to play the game, unlike 99.9% of GameFi projects.
  • It introduces a gamified staking platform (different pools), scholarship system, in-game store, and DAO. Holding and staking RIA tokens will give you a say in the project development.
  • Full ownership of the assets.

Calvaria’s unique vision and mission have gained it partnerships with big names in the industry such as KuCoin,,, and more. As the project moves ahead, the team will assess its avenues and mediums to expand the IP. The integrations can range anywhere from comics and AAA games to animated series, taking Calvaria to a wide range of users.