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There are now just 2.5 million RIA tokens remaining on sale before the Calvaria presale is totally sold out.

Although there are more than five days officially remaining in the presale, it appears as if the project is heading for an early close with only 3% of the allocation now available.

More than $2.99 million of the $3.075 million hard cap has been sold, ahead of the closing date on January 31.

RIA tokens will be listed on leading exchange BKEX in early Feburary for its IEO, with the Hong Kong-based exchange boasting more than $1 billion of 24hr trading volume.

Calvaria: is one of the hottest crypto projects of 2023, given it is developing a crypto game aimed at attracting casual gamers to the blockchain.

Excitement Building over Duels of Eternity

Duels of Eternity is a card-battle game set in the afterlife that sees players pick from one of three warring factions and battle opponents for rewards.

Players must stack their decks and use their skill and assets to beat rivals in one-vs-one matches.

The game has a number of advantages over its rivals and to appeal to casual gamers – it has been developed in 3D and is available on Android and iOS as a mobile app.

Duels of Eternity also has a story mode that will develop the lore of the Calvaria universe and allow players to earn assets that can be used in other game modes.

All assets are ownable and tradeable as NFTs by the players, with the game to have a thriving marketplace where players can buy and sell – assets can also be combined with RIA to upgrade them.

To keep players interested over a longer period of time, Calvaria will also adopt a seasonal approach to the game which means new assets and game modes are introduced on a regular basis.

The developers also want their own in-house eSports team and will host large tournaments with some of the biggest eSports teams around.

VR functionality is also being developed.

Calvaria Aiming to Drive Casual Gamers to Blockchain

The overarching driver of Calvaria is to attract casual gamers to the blockchain – those who may have been previously turned off by prohibitive costs or a lack of knowledge on the technology.

To do that Calvaria have developed two versions of Duels of Eternity, the main play-to-earn game and a free-to-play version.

calvaria 2.991

The F2P game will be a near copy of the main game except with earnings removed.

In its place will be a visible tracker that shows players how much they could’ve earned in the main game, while there will also be gamified quests to teach those new to the blockchain how it works, in exchange for rewards.

Calvaria believes those features will entice players into the main P2E version.

As well as being the rewards token and currency for the game, RIA tokens can also be staked.

This will generate a passive income for the staker and also voting rights in the project’s DAO, which will see the community make decisions on the future direction of the game.

The Calvaria team has been KYC-verified by CoinSniper, while the RIA token smart contract has been audited by SolidProof.

Investors can also take enter a prize draw for the chance to win $100,000 of RIA tokens, with entries stacked for completing tasks on social media.

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