The famed Calvaria project has finally seen its presale come to a conclusion, with the fundraising easily hitting its target of $3.075 million. Investors clamored for the RIA token, and the presale stages raced past, despite the fact that we are in the crypto winter.

Now with the presale out of the way, investors can turn their attention to the exchange listings, of which there are multiple lined up. What’s more, there is also an Initial Exchange Offering taking place, which should be very appealing to those who did not manage to participate in the presale.

Calvaria IEO Gets Underway

Following the successful conclusion of the presale, Calvaria now turns its eyes toward an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) – the project has managed to do so on the BKEX exchange. This offering will last for 7 hours, and the prices will remain the same. It’s a big step forward for the project, and investors will have the chance to nab the token before the prices invariably go up as the project becomes more popular.

Calvaria also has several exchange listings lined up as this IEO takes place. The first of these is LBank on February 8, though Changelly Pro and Uniswap are also confirmed listings on February 15 and February 8, respectively. With this, the RIA token will have a much larger level of exposure, and this will surely result in exponential growth in the number of users in the Calvaria ecosystem.

Calvaria Getting All the Attention

Calvaria is a P2E card battler game. These are a very popular type of P2E game, but few have as much as Calvaria in terms of features. The game truly sets itself apart from rivals, and this is why the presale was so successful.

One of the key design philosophies of the game is the fact that the team wants it to be as accessible as possible. This allows for an enormous player base in comparison to other games. Consequently, the game can attract those both inside and outside the crypto space. Players don’t need a crypto wallet, hold crypto, or buy any assets, to get started playing and try many of the features. The game is available on both desktop and mobile devices. Furthermore, there are both Play-to-Earn and Free-to-Play modes for the game.

The game is set in the afterlife, with various factions vying for power. Unlike other games of its kind, there is a story mode for fans of single players to take part in. This is one of many features that make the game appealing to as many people as possible. It also has striking artwork and even a story mode.

All of this allows for players with no crypto experience to also enjoy Calvaria. It may even teach them something about the crypto space.

There are some significant differences between the F2P and P2E modes. The former will not have access to the blockchain-based features – but they still get to battle other players. It’s a good gateway into the crypto space and you can be sure that a good number of people will make the transition into the P2E mode. The latter has a few features unavailable in the other versions, like the ability to receive royalty payments, wager on tournaments, and sell decks, cards, and upgrades.

There are other features, related to DeFi, that Calvaria offers. Examples are staking the RIA token for rewards, a scholarship system, mini-games, and an in-game store. This is a robust ecosystem that players can enjoy, offering multiple ways to earn. The accessibility means that even non-crypto users can begin learning about DeFi’s most valuable systems. Furthermore, players don’t even have to engage in PvP combat to earn tokens.

The team is also focused on letting the community decide the future of the project. As such, there will be a DAO where the RIA token is used to vote. This makes the project very decentralized and the team is adamant about the project having this quality. They believe that this is crucial to the long-term success of the project, and so far it is looking like Calvaria is well on the way to that success.

It’s clear that all of this together has led to Calvaria being as successful as it is. The truth is that there is a lot more to come, so investors should keep a close eye on the project. For those who didn’t manage to get in the presale, there is always the Initial Exchange Offering, which could give them the lucrative opportunity that they need.

Lots to Look Forward to in Calvaria Ecosystem

Calvaria, a blockchain-based game, stands out from other P2E games for the unique features that make it more accessible to players. This focus on accessibility and player engagement sets it apart from other P2E games and serves as a model for how these games should be designed. Analysts and players alike recognize the potential of Calvaria and its impact on the growth and longevity of the P2E gaming industry.