burgercities price prediction 2022

The price of the native token of BurgerCities – BURGER – accumulates gains of 197% so far in July despite a recent decline that has pushed the value of the token below $2 per coin shortly after peaking at $3.5.

Trading volumes started to pick up at the beginning of the month and reached the highest point so far this year on 7 July according to data provided by CoinMarketCap. The project’s market capitalization currently stands at $42.92 million while this morning the token is dipping 13.3% at $1.78 per coin during a high-volume trading session that has seen over $100 million worth of BURGER exchanging hands in the past 24 hours.

What could be expected from BURGER coin for what remains of the year? In this BurgerCities price prediction we dig deeper into the details of this crypto project and share several forecasts based on the token’s price action and trend.

What is New with BurgerCities?

Two news coincide with the early July uptick of the BURGER token. The first is related to an airdrop of a non-fungible token (NFT) called BC Residents that the community was able to claim on 1 July.

In addition, the developing team tweeted several activities that they aimed to complete in July including a “big update” of the BurgerCities game and the activation of a player incentive program.

Finally, it was announced that the native token of BurgerCities was now supported by the BitKeep wallet. According to the team, this is the top crypto wallet in Asia.

What is BurgerCities?

BurgerCities is a project that seeks to combine several top trends in the crypto space including decentralized finance (DeFi), play-to-earn (P2E), and the metaverse in a single platform.

The project’s founders define BurgerCities as “the first standardized blockchain-enable game of metaverse scenario on BSC”.

The BURGER token is used to settle transactions within the ecosystem. Players of the BurgerCities 2077 game are compensated via the BURGER token and they can exchange it for other assets via BurgerSwap.

Players are rewarded for the time they spend playing BurgerCities 2077 and they can also earn BURGER by trading in-game NFTs with other gamers. In addition, the project is constantly arranging airdrops of both BURGER and NFTs and users can participate to earn these rewards.

Several top exchanges have listed BURGER including Binance and KuCoin while users may also resort to BurgerSwap to purchase the token by connecting their wallets. Several top crypto wallets including Metamask, TrustWallet, and BitKeep are supported at the moment.

BurgerCities Price Prediction 2022

burgercities price chart
BurgerCities (BURGER) price chart – Source: TradingView

Despite the recent decline in the value of BURGER, the downtrends appear to have stopped at the 200-day simple moving average as indicated in the chart above. In addition, BURGER’s monthly returns have stayed positive as buying interest has persisted amid those early-July announcements.

The most relevant area of support to watch is that 200-SMA – currently standing at $1.4 per coin. A decline below this level may lead to the continuation of the downtrend. Meanwhile, if the token continues to post gains in the following days/weeks, the most relevant resistance to watch would be its recent $3.5 per coin peak. If that level is trespassed, the odds that a full-blown rally is starting will increase dramatically.

According to predictions from Wallet Investor, the short-term outlook for BURGER is bullish as the algorithm is predicting that the price could surge to as much as $3.35 per coin within the next 14 days implying a 100% gain in a brief period if that target is hit.

Meanwhile, predictions from Gov.Capital are bullish as well as the price of the BURGER token is expected to rise to a range between $4.1 and $4.2 per coin by the end of that same period implying an even higher gain if those estimates turn out to be spot on.

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