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Now that we are in the New Year, many people will have already set and failed their New Year’s Resolutions to go to the gym more often and to get into a healthier shape.

However, there is a brand new move to earn project dominating the cryptocurrency space that seeks to make it easier than ever for people to achieve their fitness goals, and to incentivise them for doing so.

Building on the success of previous move to earn projects such as STEPN, FightOut is focused on making fitness more accessible and enjoyable.

FightOut is building the future of training and fitness

FightOut is a company that is building a holistic approach to fitness in a manner that can scale to people all across the globe, as long as they have a mobile phone.

The FightOut app acts as a personal trainer providing holistic guidance for those who wish to improve their fitness.

Users of the platform are able to track their exercises and ensure that they are making appropriate progress, and can update their avatars in the metaverse as they go.

Earn move to earn rewards

Those who use the FightOut app are able to earn move to earn rewards for their efforts in the REPS and FGHT tokens, which have all manner of use cases throughout the FightOut application.

FGHT is a blockchain-based token that has a real financial value, making it a far more effective to incentive to stay fit than most other companies can offer.

The REPS token is a token used within the FightOut app, and does not use a blockchain or have financial value, but can still be used in order to acquire skins and other such goods in the FightOut metaverse.

The FightOut team has now raised almost $3m

The team at FightOut has now managed to raise almost $3m for their efforts, which is particularly impressive when one considers that we are currently in the depths of a bear market and most projects are struggling to gain funding.

Currently, the price of the FGHT token is being sold at the first stage of the presale for just $0.01666, but at the next stage of the presale this will rise to $0.0333, meaning that there are significant gains available for those who contribute at early bird prices.

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