Surging interest around the Blur airdrop - the native token of Blur NFT - $BLUR is used to govern the Blur marketplace. How high could it go?

The Blur token price has been one of the standout stars in a marketplace dominated by Bitcoin and Ethereum. While the mega crypto projects have risen within a 10% radius split both ways, the fast-rising altcoin has posted a 38.5% increase in 24 hours.

Due to its phenomenal fundamentals, BLUR has experienced an uncharacteristic rise in such a short period, and these indicators are causing investors to wonder if now is the right time to invest in it.

BLUR’s Price Performance Through the Roof

As we mentioned earlier, BLUR has been one of the most impressive coins making waves in the crypto space. The popular non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace has risen an impressive 38.5% in the past day, with more record growth expected in the coming days.

At press time, BLUR is trading at $1.24, showing a strong bull run on the horizon. Even more impressive is its seven-day performance, which is up 91.83%, with a similar percentage rally over the last four weeks.


Technical indicators show a somewhat subdued concept, as the Blur protocol is still quite a novel NFT marketplace. Nonetheless, its relative strength index (RSI) figure of 76.25 shows that the digital asset is currently in the overbought region. While this might seem an unsuitable time to buy, BLUR’s rapid NFT execution system shows the strong fundamentals it possesses.

The Blur protocol is a decentralized NFT marketplace that allows users to trade several NFT collections in a rapid fashion. The platform operates as a decentralized alternative to OpenSea and serves as an aggregator website for digital collectibles. It offers real-time price feeds for these collections, portfolio management, and multi-marketplace NFT comparisons.

It also offers 10x faster NFT sweeps and is generically intuitive for all NFT lovers. What has drawn several NFT investors is the zero-fee structure the marketplace offers them. So far, the decentralized collectible vault is now home to over 146,000 users.

Blur is powered by a token with the same name, BLUR, which also serves as its governance token. This way, users can vote on platform proposals and earn rewards from staking the asset.

Blur Continues Its OpenSea Assault

The Blur NFT marketplace is the brainchild of several developers from Square, MIT, Brex, and Y Combinators. Like most popular blockchain projects, these groups of individuals are largely unknown, with the supposed leader only identified as Pacman.

While Blur is likely the only decentralized NFT hub currently, the nascent digital collectible landscape is in the hands of the Ethereum protocol OpenSea. The bulk of NFT trading and minting is executed on this platform, and in a bid to grab a market share, Blur has set its sight on slaying the obvious giant in its industry.

To further its goal of an institutional yet decentralized high-speed NFT marketplace, Pacman has recently taken a swipe at OpenSea. According to a blog post, Pacman encouraged content creators and NFT developers to jettison OpenSea and launch their projects on Blur.

He explained that Blur guarantees creators royalties on the secondary resale of their projects on their works, an area OpenSea has yet to approve.

In addition, he stated that any creator who blocks trading on OpenSea would automatically be granted enforced full royalties if they list on Blur, but not simultaneously on both. Blur’s CEO is bold, given the immense power its rival holds. However, OpenSea has recently been at loggerheads with creators regarding royalties.

Blur Alternatives to Consider for Higher Gains

Blur provides an option for NFT users to trade and own their favorite collections. In a similar light, value-driven investors can turn their sight to another promising crypto project called Fight Out.

The protocol is a move-to-earn fitness concept that helps users to meet their fitness goals. It also incorporates a metaverse concept, allowing users to virtually meet and challenge one another to earn REPs and the FGHT token.

Fight Out allows users to own soulbound non-fungible token (NFT) avatars tied to their unique personalities and traits. With its in-game REPs currency, users are able to upgrade their NFT avatar’s stats and appearance.

The FGHT token is currently in its presale stage and has raised over $4.3 million. The project developers recently introduced a 67% token bonus for early-bird investors to snap into. According to the press release, users can also participate in the vesting period or sell their tokens outright without any penalties.

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