The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has jumped by 2.5% in the last 24 hours as markets reacted to the Jobs Report from the US Labor Department.

A rise in jobless claims is a sign that federal interest rate hikes could slow down, with economists suggesting that with unemployment rising, prices are less likely to go up.

Wall Street traders were also pleased with data showing jobless benefit claims in the US increased last week and unemployment is set to hit a 10-month high at the end of December.

In the wake of the news, the S&P 500 was up 0.75% to 3,963.51 – ending the losing streak that stretched back to October – while the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 0.55%, to finish at 33,781.48, the Nasdaq Composite also jumped 1.13% to close at 11,082.00.

Bitcoin Trading volume increased by more than 20% to around $21 billion following a down start to December as the FTX collapse continued to scare some traders away.

Bitcoin’s move was good for the wider crypto market, with the total market cap also up over 2% and certain coins – such as Trust Wallet Token (7.27%), Fantom (5.08%) and Quant (5%), also enjoying solid pumps in the last 24 hours.

But is the move a signal of a bullish move to buy Bitcoin before the end of 2022, or just a small pump before a further dip?

As Business2Community outlined earlier this week, many Bitcoin traders see more short-term pain in the market, although all are still bullish on BTC’s medium and long-term health – especially with the next halving approaching in the first half of 2024.

With Bitcoin priced at $17,230 at the time of writing, most traders believe a return above $18.5k would be bullish confirmation.

The coin has struggled in 2022 along with many of the larger altcoins in the crypto market. However, shrewd investors have found value by finding the best crypto presale projects in the market and investing early.

The likes of STEPN, ApeCoin, Tamadoge and Aptos all launched this year and earned investors at least 10x returns, with presales typically offering tokens at below market value and with larger room to grow because of their small market caps.

Below are three of the best crypto presale projects on the market right now.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

Bitcoin Alternatives – Crypto Presales

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – Intelligence and Analytics Platform in Final Presale Stage

Dash 2 Trade is an intriguing project that is our overall best new cryptocurrency to invest in and one that is in the final stages of its presale.

The project provides its users a range of analytics, metrics and bespoke tools to help them maximize their profit-making potential and avoid scam projects.

dash 2 trade page

The D2T token presale is now in its final stage and has raised more than $9 million, with fewer than 80 million tokens still available.

In the wake of the FTX collapse and with traders and investors crying out for reliable tools to avoid scams, Dash 2 Trade was uniquely placed to provide such a protocol.

The platform works for crypto investors at both ends of the scale – professional day traders can take advantage of professional-grade measures and insights from a wide community, and retail investors can spend with money thanks to Dash 2 Trade’s wide range of investing tools.

They include a bespoke scoring system – the Dash Score – that will vet new projects and thoroughly investigate their whitepaper, audit, tokenomics, utility and team, offering a score out of 100 so users can invest with confidence.

Dash 2 Score will also send out alerts on new exchange listings, to find coins before they pump. and trading signals on trending coins will also be sent out to highlight buying and selling opportunities in the market.

With narrative and sentiment playing as much of a part on a token’s price as fundamentals, Dash 2 Trade will track major social media sites, analyze on-chain data and follow whale wallet activity to spot developing trends ahead of time.

Traders can also take advantage of a range of tools, such as automated trading APIs and a back-tester where strategies can be tested in live market conditions without risking capital – there are also social trading tools such as member-only discord groups to share insights and trading competitions.

Dash 2 Trade has been developed by a team of doxxed and KYC-verified professional traders who previously founded Learn2Trade, a forex and crypto beginners’ trading platform with 70,000 users and a four-star rating on TrustPilot.

D2T tokens – which are used to pay for access to Dash 2 Trade via a three-tier subscription model and have no vesting period – have a 1 billion max supply and are currently on sale for $0.0533 in the final stage of its presale. The project already has partnerships with leading exchanges LBank, BitMart and Changelly Pro.

For more information read the Dash 2 Trade whitepaper.

IMPT (IMPT) – Carbon Offset Protocol with Uniswap IEO Next Week

IMPT is another unique project that is utilizing blockchain technology in its aim to help solve arguably the biggest real-world problem of all – climate change.

With its presale set to end on Sunday, December 11 ahead of a listing on Uniswap on December 14, investors have been rushing to secure IMPT tokens before the deadline.

impt ieo - uniswap lbanl changelly

The project has now raised almost $17 million – with more than $3 million of that coming in the last week, making it arguably the best crypto under $1 on the market.

With tokens on sale for $0.023, Uniswap – which has 4 million users – will list the token for $0.0253, a guaranteed increase of 10% with analysts expecting the coin to make much larger gains.

IMPT is gathering so much hype and attention not only because of its Uniswap IEO – with listings also confirmed on LBank and Changelly Pro – but because of its utility, development in a huge growth area and major partnerships that have already been agreed.

IMPT users can help the planet by offsetting their carbon footprint by purchasing and earning IMPT tokens.

The tokens can then be used to buy carbon credits – which are permits that allow a holder to emit CO2 in exchange from funding vetted and approved eco project – and then mint the credits as NFTs.

Transforming carbon credits into NFTs makes them tradeable on the open market and also reduces fraud as the blockchain is transparent and immutable. Users can also opt to retire their NFTs, permanently taking them off the market and, thus, reducing their carbon footprint.

IMPT affiliates

Furthermore, IMPT tokens can be earned simply while shopping, with the project already agreeing to affiliate partnerships with thousands of major retailers including Samsung, Amazon, Nike, Dyson and Domino’s Pizza.

Retailers offer a percentage of a sale back to IMPT shoppers and, in turn, users can make greener choices by shopping at places with greener percentages.

IMPT also cut its presale short from three stages to two. Presale tokens have no vesting period and any unsold tokens allocated to phase 2 will immediately be burned, while the phase 3 allocation will be locked for 12 months and then vested for the year following.

Read the IMPT whitepaper for more information on the project.

Calvaria (RIA) – High Potential P2E Project with Limited Tokens On Sale

Calvaria is our final Bitcoin alternative and another presale now in its final stage.

The high-potential play-to-earn (P2E) project has so far raised more than $2.3 million in its presale and only around 20 million tokens remain on sale.

Calvaria is aiming to do what the likes of Decentraland, The Sandbox and Axie Infinity failed and encourage traditional and casual gamers to the blockchain.

It will do that by not only offering a P2E version of its flagship game, Duels of Eternity, but by offering a fully free-to-play (F2P) version, that requires no spending and no knowledge of blockchain technology.

Duels of Eternity is a simple and addictive battle-card game that pits players into one-on-one battles to win – players must stack their decks and use their knowledge and skill, and other booster assets, to beat their rivals. The developers have added a number of touches to the game that will appeal to non-blockchain gamers, which they hope will eventually entice them onto the P2E version.

Unlike rivals such as Gods Unchained and Splinterlands, Duels of Eternity is available in full 3D and can be played on mobile via app stores on iOS and Android. The game also has a full story mode that not only builds out the lore of the Calvaria universe but earns players cards that can be used in other game modes.

The F2P version is an almost exact replica of the P2E game, the only difference being a visible tracker that shows players how much they could’ve won if they had been playing the P2E version, and gamified quests that will teach players how to use the blockchain in exchange for rewards.

In the P2E version, players own all their assets which are fully tradeable on an openmarket place – players can buy and sell cards and assets or combine them to upgrade.

Source: Etherscan

To ensure the long-term success of the game, Calvaria will adopt a seasonal approach to the game, releasing new cards and holding seasonal approaches, and develop an in-house eSports team and inviting major eSports teams to compete in tournaments. Calvaria is also developing further game modes and VR functionality for 2023.

RIA tokens have a 1 billion max supply and can also be staked to generate a passive yield and also for voting rights in the project’s DAO. Tokens are on sale for $0.0325 – a 225% price increase from stage 1 – and, as reported earlier this week, a crypto whale spent $97,500 to secure more than 3 million RIA.

Read the Calvaria whitepaper for more information.


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