Bitcoin price prediction turned bullish above $17,250 on January 9, and it is now heading north toward the next resistance level of $17,400 or $17,550. Following news that the United States had recently reported the lowest unemployment rates, Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s largest cryptocurrency, continued to rise and surpassed the $17,000 mark for the first time this year.

It could signal a market trend reversal if Bitcoin can hold its current position. With a 3% increase in total market capitalization, the global cryptocurrency market began on a high note in the second week of 2023. As a result of the positive US jobs report showing the lowest unemployment rate since the epidemic, Bitcoin reached $17,000 for the first time in 2023.

The positive job data, on the other hand, suggests that the Fed may refrain from raising interest rates aggressively at its next meeting in February, which could benefit the global cryptocurrency market.

The global cryptocurrency market began the second week of 2023 on a high note, with a 3% increase in global market valuation. This occurred after Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, gained traction and rose above the $17,000 mark on the day. In contrast, Ethereum was trading above $1,300.

In fact, several cryptocurrencies, including Cardano and Solana, have gained more than 20% in the last 24 hours. If the current trend continues, the cryptocurrency market may regain some ground. This comes ahead of the Federal Reserve Chairman’s speech in the United States on Tuesday, which will provide additional insight into interest rates.

The US jobs data, which revealed the lowest unemployment rate, acted as a catalyst for the global cryptocurrency market to turn bullish. As a result, the strong US job data will almost certainly influence the Fed’s decision to avoid an aggressive rate hike at its upcoming February meeting, which would benefit the global cryptocurrency market.

Weaker US Dollar Drives an Uptrend in BTC

Another important factor that has aided the Bitcoin coin is a weaker US dollar, which has fallen as a result of rising bets that the Federal Reserve will slow the pace of its rate hikes.

The broad US dollar fell on the day, approaching its lowest level in seven months, as data suggested the Federal Reserve would pause its rate-hike path.

HIVE generated 213.8 BTC

Furthermore, the company installed 1,423 bitcoin miners and profited an additional $3.15 million. According to the company’s report, in December 2022, HIVE Blockchain built 1,423 BuzzMiner BTC miners and generated 213.8 Bitcoin (BTC), $3.15 million in revenue in addition to the BTC it created.

HIVE’s ASIC mining activities generated 212 BTC during the month, and its GPU mining operations generated an additional 1.4 BTC, according to the report. The figures show a daily average of 6.9 BTC and 113.2 BTC for each Exahash.

Bitcoin’s Energy Efficiency

Lyn Alden, a well-known BTC supporter, explained on Twitter how increased usage will make the Bitcoin (BTC) network more effective. Alden revealed Glassnode data showing that BTC mining revenue grows more slowly than BTC market value and transaction volume.

As a result, this news was regarded as one of the primary factors that limited further BTC gains.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

The current Bitcoin price is $17,350, and the 24-hour trading volume is $18 billion. Bitcoin has increased by nearly 2% in the previous 24 hours. Bitcoin is now the market leader, with a live market value of $332 billion. It has a maximum supply of 21,000,000 BTC coins and a circulating supply of 19,257,025 BTC coins.


Bitcoin is trading highly positively, with a $17,200 goal. A doji candle that closes near $17,200 implies that bulls have been spent and that sellers may enter to cause a bearish correction. A positive breakout of the $17,200 level might lead to Bitcoin’s price reaching the next resistance level of $17,400.

On the 4 hourly time frame, Bitcoin made a bullish engulfing candle, indicating that the market is in a strong bullish trend. As a result, Bitcoin might hit $17,750 in value.


On the lower side, the $17,000 level is likely to operate as immediate support, and a bearish breakthrough of this barrier can extend the downtrend until the subsequent support level of $16,800 or $16,650 is reached.

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