The cryptocurrency market remained choppy on December 26 due to a lack of liquidity and trading volume. Therefore, Bitcoin price prediction remains neutral as BTC fluctuates between $16,500 and $17,000. BTC must remain over $16,800 to keep the crypto market humming. If Bitcoin falls below $16,500, pessimistic sentiment could return to the market.

According to the data, Bitcoin is down to $16,848 as consumers still need to remember the FTX issue this holiday season. Exchange outflows have achieved their lowest levels in over six months, according to on-chain analytics firm Glassnode.

Bitcoin withdrawals from exchange wallets have completely reversed the jump that began roughly six weeks ago after seeing an extraordinary increase in light of the FTX catastrophe.

Since hitting a high of 142,788 BTC on November 14 from the trading platforms monitored by Glassnode, outflows have dropped by more than ten times that amount. Meanwhile, on-chain data reveals record-low volatility due to hodlers’ reluctance or lack of need to trade their currencies.

Bitcoin Price Prediction as BTC Holds Strong at $16,800 – Where Will it Go From Here?

The current Bitcoin price is $16,835, with a $12 billion 24-hour trading volume. Bitcoin has gained by more than 0.20% in the last 24 hours. CoinMarketCap ranks Bitcoin at first, with a $324 billion live market cap. Bitcoin’s price has risen but has yet to surpass $17,000.

As the candles in this scenario close below $17,000, the selling pressure on BTC stays consistent. If Bitcoin’s price breaks through $17,000, it may rise to $17,350 before reaching the next level at around $18,000.


Bitcoin Price Chart – Source: Tradingview

A bearish break of the $16,600 support level could allow for more selling until $16,250 or $16,100 are reached; a negative breach of this level could expose BTC to $15,650.

Bitcoin has substantial upside potential in 2023, and it is possible that BTC will set new highs in the future years. Because Bitcoin isn’t moving very fast, there aren’t many currencies on presale that are creating headlines.

FightOut (FGHT) – Presale Now On

FightOut is a cutting-edge workout software and physical gym chain aiming to disrupt the move-to-earn (M2E) sector. Concerns will be addressed by programs such as STEPN, which only counts steps and has been reprimanded for employing costly NFTs, as well as a reward system that should employ more NFTs to offer people greater motivation to move.

The team is especially innovative in terms of “move to earn,” in which a user’s exercises are recorded and tracked in real-time, and the user is eligible for FGHT token awards. So far, the presale has been a big success, with the local community showing a lot of interest.

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Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is a new project that brings together all of the most relevant and useful trading tools in order to help traders trade more effectively. So far, the presale has been a success, with the team raising approximately $10.5 million.

The presale is almost finished, and the first central exchange listing is scheduled for January 11th. Changelly, LBank, and BitMart have already agreed to collaborate on exchange listings with the team.

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C+Charge (CCHG)

CCHG is currently working on a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system for electric vehicle charging stations that will allow EV drivers to earn carbon credits. C+Charge proposes that carbon credits be used as the main inducement for EV adoption.

The CCHG token, which will be used to pay for EV charging stations on C+Charge’s network, is now available for pre-sale. Tokens are now being sold for $0.013, but this will have increased by 80% by the end of the presale.

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In the previous few days, the IMPT token’s value has surged by more than 100% to $0.018. The token’s value has risen as a result of recent advancements in the IMPT program. Furthermore, the project’s carbon trading mechanism is set to go active in February 2023, resulting in an increase in demand.

The IMPT coin will be offered on the Bitmart exchange on December 28 and on on January 1.


Fight Out - Next Big Train-to-Earn Crypto

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