Unsplash / Traxer - Bitcoin Cash Price Skyrockets Over 100%
Unsplash / Traxer – Bitcoin Cash Price Skyrockets Over 100%

Bitcoin Cash has been on a roll lately, with its price surging over 100% in just one week. However, things took a slight dip yesterday as the candle closed with an 8.65% drop and a retracement to the Fib 0.786 level at $193.9.

But today, the cryptocurrency is back on track and trading at $225.9, boasting gains of 16.47% so far. In fact, earlier today, Bitcoin Cash even set a new YTD high, reaching an intraday peak of $227.2.

Key Technical Indicators Signal Bullish Bitcoin Cash Price Momentum

Source: TradingView / BCHUSDT 06-26-23
Source: TradingView / BCHUSDT 06-26-23

Several critical technical indicators for the Bitcoin Cash price show bullish momentum. The 20-day EMA stands at $142.7, while the 50-day EMA is at $127.2, and the 100-day EMA at $123.6.

These EMAs suggest that the Bitcoin Cash price is trading significantly above its short, medium, and long-term moving averages, indicating a strong uptrend.

Additionally, the RSI has risen to 80.20 from yesterday’s 76.64, further supporting the bullish momentum.

An RSI above 70 typically signals that an asset is overbought, but in the context of a strong uptrend, it can also indicate continued strength.

The MACD histogram has also increased to 12.3 from yesterday’s 11.1, suggesting that the bullish momentum is still intact.

The market cap of Bitcoin Cash has grown by 13.60% to $4 billion, and the 24-hour trading volume has gone up by 4.38% to $1 billion.

These statistics suggest that Bitcoin Cash is becoming more and more appealing to traders and investors.

Potential Resistance and Support Levels for the Bitcoin Cash Price

Looking at the chart, the Bitcoin Cash price faces a horizontal resistance level of $231.6 to $244.5. This range could act as a barrier to further price appreciation in the short term.

However, if the bullish momentum continues and the price breaks through this resistance, there is potential for even higher price levels.

On the other hand, the immediate support for the Bitcoin Cash price lies at the Fib 0.786 level at $193.9.

If the price retraces to this level, it could provide a buying opportunity for traders looking to enter or add to their long positions.

Bitcoin Cash is not the only cryptocurrency gaining momentum. As investors seek high-potential alternatives to Bitcoin, several pioneering altcoins have started attracting investor interest and showing signs of potential growth.

AI Driven Insights: The Crypto Startup yPredict Rising in Presale Stage

Establishing its position in the competitive crypto trading landscape, yPredict, a crypto startup, is developing a platform that aims to offer traders a data-driven advantage. yPredict leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to provide comprehensive research and analysis to its users, and it is currently in its presale stage.

As of now, yPredict’s utility token, $YPRED, has already attracted significant attention by raising over $2.5 million, showing promising signs of the token’s potential value. Over 20,000 individuals are on the platform’s waiting list, indicating growing confidence among traders in yPredict’s potential.

yPredict is using AI and machine learning (ML) to facilitate better trading decisions, combining the expertise of AI and ML professionals, financial quants, and traders.

The platform employs natural language processing (NLP) to gauge the buying sentiment of various tokens, along with pattern recognition, sentiment analysis, and various charting patterns.

With the assistance of these sophisticated tools, traders can gain critical insights and analytics to make informed decisions in the dynamic crypto sector. yPredict’s aim, as outlined in its whitepaper, is to bridge the gap in the market by providing access to data-driven insights and proven analytical metrics.

The utility token $YPRED is central to the yPredict ecosystem. To access yPredict’s suite of tools and data insights, users need to hold $YPRED tokens. The tokens are utilized in a three-tier subscription model that unlocks access to data-driven insights on the crypto market, bespoke trading tools, and a marketplace for predictive model results.

As the platform continues to evolve and grow, the potential of $YPRED as a utility token is expected to increase, opening up an exciting future for the crypto startup and its expanding community of users.

In addition to its trading platform, yPredict offers a unique Learn-2-Earn ecosystem. The system stands out for incentivizing continuous learning by rewarding users with $YPRED tokens after successfully passing quizzes and tests.

yPredict is also introducing a play-to-earn feature, where traders can make bets on the future of crypto. Successful performers are rewarded with additional $YPRED tokens.

With plans to complete the remaining token sale rounds and launch the yPredict Analytics Beta in Q2 2023, the startup’s potential for growth seems promising. The second half of 2023 will witness more exchange listings, global marketing campaigns, and the launch of the yPredict Repository Beta.

By the year’s end, yPredict plans to fully release its Analytics, Repository, and Marketplace, building a multifaceted platform that caters to the needs of traders at every level.

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Launchpad XYZ Lights the Way for New Age Investors

Launchpad XYZ is creating a blockchain-powered platform dedicated to providing investors with early access to promising crypto projects.

The initiative targets the unfortunate trend of investors missing the boat on potentially lucrative early-stage investments, frequently resulting in negligible gains and even big losses.

Launchpad XYZ plans to deliver a multi-faceted platform, granting access to private presales, fractionalized assets, play-to-earn games, metaverse projects, and NFT technology.

Launchpad XYZ, in its pursuit to facilitate informed investment, will introduce cutting-edge dashboards for crypto traders. These dashboards will provide valuable insights into the market, acting as a compass to navigate toward promising projects. This feature of the crypto startup will enable investors to identify potential breakout stars before the broader market catches on.

Additionally, Launchpad XYZ plans to debut its proprietary Launchpad Quotient (LQ) – a crypto analytic tool that will evaluate a project’s potential on a scale of 1 to 100. This tool will streamline the investment process by allowing investors to sift through the top crypto presales and NFT mints effectively.

To complement its offerings, the crypto startup is also developing its decentralized exchange (DEX) platform. This platform will offer users the ability to assess potential tokens, purchase them, and later sell them at a profit. The DEX platform is vital for buying and selling Launchpad XYZ’s native token, $LPX, which will serve as the cornerstone of the platform’s ecosystem.

To gain full access to the platform’s various features, users must purchase and hold these tokens. From utilizing the impressive dashboards to gaining priority access to new NFT mints and presales, LPX token holders are privy to a wealth of benefits.

LPX holders can anticipate trading discounts and reduced commissions on the DEX platform. Additionally, they can gain early access to Play-to-Earn game releases. Staking the LPX tokens will be necessary to access these premium features on the Launchpad ecosystem.

The LPX presale is currently ongoing and has generated significant buzz among investors, raising over $1 million. The total supply of LPX tokens is 1.025 billion, with 250 million earmarked for the presale event, which is conducted in ten stages, each featuring a price increment.4

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ecoterra Leading the Charge in Recycle-to-Earn Movement

Eco-conscious crypto startup ecoterra has been making a strong impact in the field of green technology with its Recycle-to-Earn (R2E) project, achieving pre-sale token sales just shy of $5.5 million.

At the annual Berlin Green Technology Festival, CEO Mihai Ciutureanu and team rubbed shoulders with giants in the field like Tesla and Audi, demonstrating their strong commitment to developing impactful green technology solutions.

In the months ahead, ecoterra will start accepting user applications for the beta version of its R2E application, a platform that promises significant market potential, as it’s compatible with Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) used globally.

The crypto startup’s application, accessible via desktop and mobile, already offers glimpses into its minimalist design and user-friendly interface.

The project roadmap is filled with anticipation. By year’s end, the alpha version of the ecoterra R2E application is set to launch. Designed as an all-in-one web3 ecosystem powered by $ECOTERRA, it promises to advance recycling with its unique R2E system.

Beyond incentivizing recycling, the platform is engineered to facilitate trade in recycled materials and motivate individuals and businesses to offset their carbon footprints.

ecoterra is attracting attention from experts as a prime web3 project of the year. The upcoming release of the demo version of the R2E app is expected to bolster its pre-sale momentum, which has been robust since its inception just over two months ago.

At the heart of ecoterra’s blockchain-driven green ecosystem lies its native crypto token, $ECOTERRA. Currently priced at $0.00925, it’s a ripe investment opportunity. However, as ecoterra’s pre-sale approaches the $5.7 million threshold, the $ECOTERRA price is set to increase by 8% to $0.01.

This will mark the beginning of the final stage of the pre-sale, projected to end once the $6.7 million milestone is achieved.

Once launched on major crypto exchanges next quarter, analysts are predicting significant growth for $ECOTERRA as a wider base of investors eye this promising green crypto token. Given the pace of recent sales, this next step in ecoterra’s journey is expected to materialize within weeks.

The ecoterra application promises to be a clever solution that combines blockchain’s potential with environmentally friendly behaviors. By rewarding recycling and facilitating easy carbon offsetting, it marks a significant stride in the green technology domain.

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