Best crypto to buy today February 2
After a 25 basis point rate hike was announced at the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting yesterday, Bitcoin’s price reached its highest level in 24 weeks, hitting $24,264 earlier today. This bullish sentiment spread to the cryptocurrency market as a whole as well; the total crypto market cap also reached its highest mark in 2 months—$1.057 Trillion. Given this promising market response, what are some of the best cryptos to buy today?

Although there have been some short-term fluctuations and macro uncertainty this year, Bitcoin is still recording a 43.51% year-to-date gain. In addition to these gains, $131 million was liquidated from the cryptocurrency market over the last 24 hours according to coinglass.

In light of the recent positive developments in the crypto market, this may be a good time for investors to consider investing in cryptocurrencies that have strong upside potential. This could include tokens that are currently in their presales stage, where attractive deals are often available. Some of the best cryptos to buy today are MEMAG, GMX, FGHT, IMX, and CCHG, based on their fundamental and/or technical analysis.

Meta Masters Guild’s Strong Fundamentals Make it One of the Best Cryptos to Buy Today

Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is creating a revolutionary gaming network that seeks to unite gamers from all types of platforms and genres into one unique, distributed world. Thanks to the capabilities of blockchain technology and decentralized networks, MMG will offer an unprecedentedly immersive experience with plenty of community-oriented activities within its interactive metaverse world tied to a host of games.

MMG’s revolutionary digital platform is bringing gaming and crypto together, rewarding players with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and MEMAG cryptocurrency for their loyalty and skill. Players are given a chance to earn Gems that can be exchanged for crypto awards in an open economy system as well, or converted into real money or other NFT items inside MMG’s games.

MMG is introducing Meta Kart Racers as its first gaming title, a thrilling racing game with single-player and PvP options that can be enjoyed on any mobile device. The project has already showcased several other Web3 games under development for the Meta Masters Guild platform as well.

An impressive response from traders has caused MMG’s MEMAG token presale to amass $2.57 million in a matter of weeks, with the presale continuing to gain momentum, making MEMAG one of the best cryptos to buy today.

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Gmx (GMX)

GMX price chart

After bouncing off the 50-EMA in the 4 hour time frame and with a little help from the volatility caused by the Fed’s interest rate hike announcement, GMX has continued its uptrend, breaking out from the resistance range of $58.87 to $61.03 after moving sideways for the past four days. GMX went on to set an all-time high earlier today at $69.90.

As of writing, GMX’s price is trading at $68.93 with a 22.19% increase for the day. Plotting an extended Fibonacci level in the 4-hour timeframe reveals that the cryptocurrency is currently consolidating at the Fib 0.786 level above $66.90. This level is the immediate potential support for GMX, as well as the current 4-hour range low of $65.26. The immediate targets for GMX are the psychological level of $70, followed by the extended Fibonacci levels of Fib 1.272 at $73.66 and Fib 1.618 at $78.46.

Fight Out’s Web3-Connected Gym Tech a Fit for Fitness App Buffs

Ready to shake up the fitness app market, Fight Out is introducing its cutting-edge Web3 application and gym chain. With tailored exercise plans, a tight-knit community of motivation, and rewards for achievements earned along the journey, Fight Out encourages users not only to get in shape but also to enjoy it and make friends.

With the M2E app, committed users will be rewarded with REPS tokens when they reach their fitness goals. This not only offers gamified motivation to stay on track but provides a financial incentive as well. To ensure an optimal, integrated experience, Fight Out’s CoinSniper verified team is also developing state-of-the-art gyms equipped with interactive features such as “mirrors” that show personal profiles and sensors tracking workouts and offering real-time exercise tips.

The project has also recruited renowned athletes like UFC’s Amanda Ribas and former WBO middleweight champion Savannah Marshall to serve as ambassadors, which will involve participating in master classes and learning events, giving a high profile boost to the project’s reputation.

Now’s your chance to join Fight Out early on and enjoy up to 50% bonuses for investments of over $50K. This highly sought-after crypto has already raised more than $3.8 million, making FGHT tokens one of the best cryptos to buy today.

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Immutable X (IMX)

Yesterday, IMX made a 7.18% move and closed the daily candle at $0.806. After moving sideways for the past 9 days, the cryptocurrency has broken out of this resistance range of $0.760 to $0.775 and touched the next potential resistance range of $0.870 to $0.888 earlier today, where it currently sits close to at 0.8722, with a 25% daily price increase.

With the short to long-term 20-day, 50-day, and 100-day EMAs continuing their uptrend and approaching the 200-day EMA, a continued bullish sentiment for IMX is expected for the immediate future. If the cryptocurrency successfully retakes the immediate resistance range of $0.870 to $0.888, the next potential target for IMX is the psychological level of $1.

C Charge Charges Forward Towards Launch

To make electric vehicle ownership smoother and more available, C+Charge is creating a blockchain-based platform that simplifies the process of seeking out charging stations. This technology will not only benefit drivers but also motivate them with carbon credit backed cryptocurrency rewards for usage and transparency into costs before EV drivers even visit the charge station.

By joining forces with Flowcarbon, C+Charge will make carbon credits more accessible to users and reward drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) who use the app with Goodness Nature Token ($GNT).

Another benefit of the platform: For property owners looking for a dependable way to monitor energy expenditure from each EV, C+Charge has an ideal solution. Their application can track every charging session, which encourages landlords and businesses to install their own chargers without worrying about non-EV owners overpaying for electricity.

Investors now have the opportunity of a lifetime to get in early on C+Charge tokens at only $0.013 USDT, with prices climbing incrementally throughout three stages until reaching its final cost of $0.02350 per token, making CCHG one of the best cryptos to buy today before their price goes up.

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