Crypto Memes Saudis

The latest funny crypto meme on Twitter is that wealthy Saudis are stepping in to buy Bitcoin at 2022’s low prices, the best seen since 2020.

Funny Crypto Memes 2022

Since a brief wick to $17,600 on June 18, the $20,000 level has been well defended by the bulls, prompting the meme below by @888Velvet and retweeted by @majinsayan.

‘Majin Al-Silk’ is rumored to have started this trend and be meme-ing it into existence. Known as the Prince of Rugs, he sells handmade Persian rugs some of which he even made into NFTs.

Another popular crypto trader – sometimes used as a counter indicator – is ChimpZoo who has also led this latest crypto meme, which started around May 2022.

Chimpzoo Saudi Crypto Meme

This week he posted CZ Binance and Arthur Hayes, the CEOs of crypto exchanges Binance and Bitmex on their way to network with Saudi sheikhs.

Crypto Twitter accounts in on the joke have all added Saudi flags in their bio.

Best Crypto Memes Saudis

Sam Bankman-Fried is known as SBF

The catchphrase ‘Saudis are buying’ has been a mini-trend within crypto Twitter – affectionately known as CT – for around the past month.

It’s adding some light relief to the bear market cryptocurrency has been in since topping out at a $3 trillion marketcap in November 2021. Bitcoin hit just over $69,000 (that top itself being something of a meme – on some crypto exchanges BTC hit approximately $69,420).

Crypto Memes 2022

Will the Saudi billionaires be able to send Bitcoin to new highs? Can the meme itself trigger a short squeeze?

At the time of writing BTC is back above $21,000 making a second attempt to close above the daily EMA 8, leaving some bears in disbelief at the price action.

Crypto Memes Pepe

Crypto has a long history of funny memes, with even some tokens like Dogecoin being based on online meme culture – as does trading in general, with the Reddit community rocking the internet in 2021 during the Gamestop and AMC short squeeze.

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