Dahab Alealam

Dahab Crypto asset successfully assembled SoftCap in Closed Sale and launched Open TokenSale for all crypto investors.

Dahab Alealam’s premier Muslim crypto asset ended the Closed Roundup on May 14, 2022. This round lasted 10 weeks and during that time, the development team was able to distribute 0.5% of the entire DHB token issue at a special price of $0.0001 per token. After gathering SoftCap, the founders of Dahab announced the start of the Open Round, where the remaining 7% of tokens will be sold as part of TokenSale. The minimum price is $0.0003 per DHB.

Dahab TokenSale opens to all

Out of a possible 19 billion DHB tokens for the Open Round, the developers have allocated 1.33 billion, which equates to 7%. The first chapter of TokenSale DHB is now taking place on the official website dahabalealam.com , there is also the possibility of the project participating in a major LaunchPad. Now every willing crypto investor can choose the most profitable purchase option for themselves, each of which gives you different benefits.

The First Option is more profitable for investors in terms of price – the cost of DHB Op.1 = $0.0003. Also this way of investing can be more convenient for most of Dahab members, because it is a fully automatic Swap system: you just connect your personal wallet to the official website swap.dahabalealam.com and exchange BUSD or USDT for DHB tokens. The minimum purchase amount is $100.

Keep in mind that Option #1 provides Lock tokens for 6 months from the date of purchase. Immediately after payment, your DHB tokens go to Lock, which is tied to your wallet. On the Dahab website, you can see the number of tokens purchased against your linked wallet. After 6 months, you will have the option to Withdraw from the pool – you will be able to fully manage all purchased DHB assets.

A nice bonus for all Op.1 investors will be the ability to add your DHB assets to long-term Staking Pools. That is, by the time you unlock the DHB asset, it will already have its market value on a major cryptocurrency exchange, and if you are confident in the DHB asset, you can add it to the Staking Pools up to 100% APR.

The Second Option may seem more attractive to many participants, as DHB tokens go straight to your wallet without any blockchain. In this case, you just have to make a transaction to one of the offered DAHAB addresses and specify your BEP20 address to receive your DHB tokens.

Because there is no blockchain for Op.2, the price of tokens is higher than in Op.1, it coasts $0.0006. The minimum purchase amount in this case is increased to $500. The advantage of Op.2 will be early access to Staking Pool up to 100% APR. Option #2 can be used at the official website or the official Telegram support bot.

Halal investment in Dahab’s multi-layered ecosystem

The Dahab ecosystem creates a multi-layered, next-generation infrastructure to bring Web3 technology to everyday digital financial products. Dahab Net is built on a platform of flexible BEP20 protocol that allows it to be used to develop profitable smart contracts, digital accounting and payment for micro and macro transactions online.

The main user product of the project is the DAHAB App system, a mobile application that allows you to take advantage of crypto in your daily life. It is your digital financial avatar to manage your finances and investments, as well as to communicate, pay for digital products and services such as YouTube Music, Netflix, Uber, Amazon etc. All these features come together in the DAHAB App.

Create your account in the Dahab app, get a personal crypto wallet and a virtual bank card, connect the services you need and manage your assets with the swipe of a finger. You actually get a financial social network where all participants can openly maintain their profile and freely manage their funds in a Web3 technology environment. In simple terms, it’s mobile crypto banking with social networking elements.

The app will also offer an investment option. And importantly, Dahab’s investment system is designed with Islamic law in mind, which means that these investments by default protect participants from prohibited activities for Islamic law. Get a steady interest for investing in the development of the project. Staking and Farming’s long term investing technology allows each user of the DAHAB App to invest any available amount in a DHB asset in a few clicks.

Because of this, as a reward for helping to develop the project you will receive a stable income of up to 100% APR per annum. Remuneration depends on the investment period, which can be from 6 to 12 months. At the end of the investment period the application returns to your account the invested funds together with the income. The entire investment process is regulated by a perfect Blockchain accounting system and smart contracts.

Ultimately, Dahab’s multi-level digital system becomes attractive in terms of investments not only for Muslims. By investing in DHB token you become a digital asset holder of the next generation digital product, you are investing in mobile crypto banking with the potential of over 2 billion users.

Join the social networks of the DAHAB project, follow and participate in the development – Telegram and Twitter.

Your capital is at risk.

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