AltcoinsDespite a slight dip in its market valuation, the crypto space has continued to record significant gains across board.

Foremost crypto protocol, Bitcoin has so far rallied over 7% in the past week showing strong bullish sentiment. Other altcoins have also recorded their marginal gains, showing the overall positive sentiment surrounding the market.

These gains are on the back of major bank failures that had previously impacted the price of most crypto assets.

For most investors, this current market condition shows the growth level it has undergone since its debut in 2009. So far, the nascent financial landscape has continued to defy all odds in its mission to foster a new decentralized economy.

Given this, we have compiled some of the best altcoins to buy today for sustained growth in the coming months. Some of the assets are still in their pre-launch stages, but they hold significant potential to change the crypto market as we know it.

LHINU – Social Media Online Survey Project

Kickstarting our best altcoins to buy is LHINU – a network token powering the Love Hate Inu blockchain project.

lhinu-voting altcoin

A meme crypto project, Love Hate Inu, intends to disrupt the online survey market by using blockchain technology to allow people to vote. In return for participating in these meme-themed survey pools, voters earn the LHINU token.

Love Hate Inu is a social media and internet tool that is on a mission to provide an accessible platform for anyone to air their views in a sanction-free environment.

Hosted on the Ethereum network, the new blockchain project allows users to stake their assets and either vote ‘love’ or ‘hate’ across several trending polls.

Even more exciting is that users will have access to sponsored polls and stand a chance to win exclusive NFTs and metaverse-themed assets. It will easily tap into Ethereum’s plethora of partner decentralized applications (dApps), providing poll participants with multiple avenues to earn.

Love Hate Inu is set to introduce a new age of decision-making where the community has a say. The project’s impact is already cutting through the market since debuting less than a month ago.

The LHINU token has already raised more than $732,000 from investors in its presale phase.


AGIX – Blockchain AI Token Services

An alternative best altcoins to buy this week is AGIX, the network token for the SingularityNET.

Launched in 2017, SingularityNET is a blockchain protocol focused on seamless methods to create, share, and monetize artificial intelligence (AI) services.

AGIX 3/15/23

The platform is focused on creating a singular marketplace where developers can upload and sell their various AI tools. It also combines as a purchasing hub for buyers to test and buy the tools.

This globally-accessible AI workshop is where the AGIX token comes into play. It is an ERC-20 token used in facilitating network transactions and governance services.

The asset can also be tapped as a staking tool in getting rewards for securing the AI marketplace. With AI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT becoming increasingly popular by the day, SingularityNET is properly positioned for a windfall in the coming years.

This growing fascination with AI has since led to the AGIX token rallying alongside the broader crypto market. The digital asset is up a whopping 20.4% in the last 24 hours and is currently trading at $0.50.

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FGHT – Combat Sports for the Metaverse

There is one thing people love, and that is taking care of their mental and physical health. So far, health and fitness protocols like Stepn have introduced the concept of move-to-earn (M2E) but with minimal success due to the expensive onboarding process.

Fight out altcoin

Fight Out is a massive upgrade to this and is out to change the overarching theme around M2Es radically.

For a start, it is a highly physical combat-centric blockchain project. On this platform, users will be able to engage in virtual bouts with top professional athletes as well as others.

But this is not all. Fight Out also incorporates the M2E and play-to-earn (P2E) concepts. Once users work out and complete challenges, they earn both REPS and the FGHT token.

The new crypto project also infuses the metaverse into its framework. Users will access gym chains within an immersive environment via this virtual reality process.

More so, they will be able to take masterclass courses with professional athletes and even workout under the directions of these professionals.

When we consider the potential of the Fight Out ecosystem, it leaves one impressed with what it aims to achieve. The development team has created a virtual hedge betting framework where users can virtually bet on different combat tournaments.

The project’s huge potential has seen it enjoy huge success in its presale round. So far, the FGHT asset has raised over $5.5 million.

Early-bird investors will also stand a chance to get NFT airdrops, and access exclusive platform features first post-launch.

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IMX – Scaling Solution for NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are all the rave now. Since its debut in 2021, the digital collectible ecosystem has grown exponentially.

However, most NFTs are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, which suffers from low scalability, poor user experience, high gas fees, illiquidity, and slow developer experience.

IMX 3/15/23

The Immutable X scaling solution aims to change all these. The blockchain protocol prides itself as the layer-two scaling solution for NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Immutable X offers instant trading of NFTs, massive scalability, and zero gas fees for minting and trading these unique items. To achieve all these huge milestones, Immutable X runs on the STARK zk-rollups, one of the top scalability frameworks in the blockchain ecosystem.

Immutable X has since become a top destination for NFT-themed Web3 games, and a growing number of them are turning to the Ethereum-based protocol. A recent addition is Evermoon which aims to revolutionize the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) ecosystem.

At press time, its IMX token is slightly trading in the bearish position. The digital asset is trading at $1.19, indicating a downtrend of 2.43% in the past day.

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METRO – NFT Powered Real Estate Marketplace

One promising blockchain protocol is Metropoly – an NFT real estate marketplace. With Metropoly, users can buy and earn passive income from hot properties from all over the world.

Metropoly Altcoins

This project enables users to further diversify their investment portfolio into the real estate landscape with as little as $100. This way, anyone from any demographic region can purchase NFT-themed real-world properties.

What makes the platform a great utilitarian service is its seamless purchasing process. The traditional real estate space requires users to file bank reports and numerous paperwork, but this is not the case with Metropoly.

Instead, users only need to connect their crypto wallet, browse through the marketplace, and buy any property of their choice with no paperwork or credit score required. Users can also get fractional shares of these properties.

What even ticks the right boxes is that these shares are liquid and can be sold anytime the user needs cash.

Metropoly is providing a whole new ecosystem for an accessible real estate landscape, and its ongoing presale shows this. So far, the METRO token has generated over $835,000 in less than two months since launching.

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CFX – Public Permissionless Blockchain

Our penultimate pick for the best altcoins to buy this week is the CoinFlux Network token, CFX.

The platform is geared towards interoperability and enabling a scalable blockchain network through high throughput. The protocol relies on an innovative Tree-graph consensus allowing parallel transaction processing.

CFX 3/15/23

The platform is the only public, permissionless, compliant network in China, but it has continued to expand its footprint across the globe. The scalable protocol features a zero-fee structure and a staking mechanism.

CoinFlux has also been expanding its fundamentals recently. The protocol has recently partnered with KuCoin Ventures to launch an ecosystem fund worth $10 million.

At press time, CFX is trading at $0.32, a downtrend of 6.49% in the past day.

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CCHG – Blockchain Charging Solution For EV Owners

Rounding up our list of best altcoins to buy is the C+Charge. The project is geared towards enabling a green transport framework for electric vehicle (EV) owners.

C+Charge Altcoins

With EVs set to become the default commercial and private logistic means, the need for sufficient charging stations is growing daily.

C+Charge addresses this chasm by allowing users to access over 1.8 million charging stations from its platform app.

The decentralized app will also provide insights into cheap charging stations and the vehicle’s overall condition. For every EV charge completed, users will stand to earn blockchain-themed carbon credits.

The C+Charge has recently partnered with The Recharge Ad to enable seamless carbon credit swaps targeting the Korean market.

C+Charge has continued to grow in leaps and bounds, and its native token has seen remarkable growth. The CCHG token has garnered $2.9 million in presale figures so far, indicating a huge demand for an EV-centric blockchain solution.

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