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Best Altcoins to Buy Today, April 6th – LHINU, KLAY, DLANCE, TWT, ECOTERRA, FLOW, METRO

best altcoins to buy

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2008, the crypto market has grown exponentially, with new market opportunities debuting daily.

With the range of cryptocurrencies in the market today, it may be confusing for investors to find the best assets to buy.

The uncertainty has aggravated further due to recent events ranging from economic recession, dollar hegemony, the collapse of Tera Luna stablecoin, and exchanges and assets lawsuits.

Moreover, the liquidation of FTX and crypto-centric investment banks like Silver Gate and Silicon Valley has thrown doubts over the long-term future of the crypto industry.

Nevertheless, we reckon that investors can access untapped opportunities in the crypto ecosystem with in-depth research.

Although the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin when it was priced at $50 is long gone, investors can still take advantage of great altcoins at low prices.

In this article, we’ve selected and analyzed the seven best altcoins to invest in based on technical and fundamental analysis, vast utility, and potential to generate 25x gain for early investors in 2023.

Love Hate Inu ($LHINU)

Starting off our list of the best altcoin to buy is Love Hate Inu ($LHINU).

The crypto market has shown signs of recovery in the first quarter of 2023, paving the way for new projects to debut and thrive.


One such is Love Hate Inu, a versatile meme coin that has garnered strong interest from global investors.

Unlike the conventional meme crypto genre with little or no utility, Love Hate Inu stacks up a myriad of versatile utilities.

The project is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain and integrates a vote-to-earn (V2E) model that enables members to share opinions on viral and controversial topics, polls, surveys and earn $LHINU tokens as incentives for participating.

Although it may be argued that the voting concept has long been active via social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and others.

However, Love Hate Inu leverages the Ethereum blockchain to provide safe, transparent, legitimate, and tamper-proof voting results, which is precisely what is needed today.

Like other cryptos projects, the new meme sensation platform provides a great investment opportunity for crypto enthusiasts and early adopters to jump on its fast-selling ongoing presale.

Since its presale debut in March 2023, the $LHINU has raised a record-breaking $2.9 million.

Currently, in its fourth presale stage, $LHINU trades at $0.000105 USDT. By the eighth stage, the price will surge to $0.000145, representing a 40% nominal profit for early birds that take action now.


Klaytn ($KLAY)

Klaytn ($KLAY) is a decentralized blockchain crypto project designed to enable businesses to create and customize service-oriented blockchains deployed on Klaytn architecture.

The flexibility of customization of these service chains means that developers and any kind of web services can build on the Klaytn platform seamlessly.

Klaytn price chart 4/6/2023

Since its launch in June 2019, the versatile crypto project has piqued the interest of over forty initial service partners (ISPs) covering a wide range of industries and utilities, from e-commerce, finance, healthcare and entertainment.

Despite several uncertainties and a high surge of volatility in the crypto market, Klaytn ($KLAY) has shown a remarkable market trajectory, with its price value bolstered by its architecture hub to build blockchains from scratch and potential adoption appeals.

The $KLAY asset is already listed on exchanges, including Binance, Bybit, Deepcoin, and Bitrue.
As of press time, the digital coin trades at $0.0257 per token, with a 24-hour trading volume of $267 million.

$KLAY is up 11.76% in the last 24 hours with a market cap of $789 million.

According to the technical graph, the digital asset is displaying a bullish movement. The relative strength index (RSI) curve is trading at 55.43.

The RSI has crossed the 20 simple moving average (SMA) at press time.

$KLAY is forming a bullish run in the higher time frame. However, if the asset sustains the recent gains and breaks the supply zone, the RSI curve will move further, highest up the supporting trend, crossing the 60 mark, which signifies an overbought trend.

Unsurprisingly, the crypto asset moving average convergence and divergence (MACD) metric also indicates a strong buy signal.

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DeeLance ($DLANCE)

DeeLance is a new web3-powered freelancing and recruitment sphere that offers members a transparent, legitimate, and secure workspace.

The platform incorporates an NFT marketplace, metaverse, and recruitment platform to enhance a seamless workflow for freelancers. The platform charges a competitive fee of 2% for clients and 10% for freelancers, lower than most traditional workspaces like Upwork and Fiverr.

As detailed in the innovative recruitment platform whitepaper, employers and freelancers will have control over projects. Freelancers will also receive fiat or cryptocurrencies as payment.

There will be no limitations ranging from withdrawal fees, project size, or delay in currency conversion, and users can opt for crypto payments to avert the cost of foreign exchange rates.

With its decentralized nature, DeeLance disrupts the $761 billion recruitment industry and connects users to a vast range of exceptional job opportunities.

The platform, native token, $DLANCE, is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain and can be used to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs), rent office space in the metaverse, process virtual interviews, and much more.

The metaverse token made its presale debut a couple of weeks ago and has raised over $54,000 from early adopters.

Still, at its first stage of the presale, investors can purchase the $DLANCE token at $0.025 USDT via the platform’s official website.

DeeLance’s unique utility offerings, such as the metaverse, NFTs, and transparent and secure workspace hub, will set a new era in the recruitment and freelance industry – surging the $DLANCE token to the moon.

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Trust Wallet ($TWT)

Another addition to this list is the Trust Wallet token ($TWT.) The unique token is deployed on the BNB smart chain (BEP-20) and provides stellar benefits and incentives to Trust Wallet users.

Trust Wallet is an online crypto wallet (software wallet) that supports an array of popular digital assets and blockchains ranging from Ethereum, Binance, and Tron blockchains.

Holders of the TWT tokens are eligible for discounts on in-app crypto purchases and the use of decentralized exchange (DEX) services.

Even better, TWT holders can also participate in governance activities and vote on updates, proposals, and innovations on the Trust Wallet app.

trust wallet price chart 4/6/23

As of press time, $TWT trades at $1.28 with an impressive 24-hour trading volume of $139.66 million.
Over the last 24 hours, the digital asset surged to 7.54%.

According to CoinMarketCap, $TWT has a circulating supply of $416 million and is ranked as the 84th largest crypto with a market cap of $531 million.

Its technical analysis indicates that $TWT is in a consolidation zone. However, the breakout of the consolidation zone can mark a strong bullish run, which will catalyze a new all-time high.

The moving average convergence and divergence (MACD) indicate a bullish crossover. This simply means that the bulls have outnumbered the bears.

Therefore, the MACD indicator shows a buy signal to investors.

The relative strength indicator (RSI) curve is 55.04, well over the 50-point mark at press time. If the $TWT token surges, the RSI will increase further. Overall, the RSI curve indicates a buy signal to investors.

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Ecoterra ($ECOTERRA)

Ecoterra is a revolutionary recycle-to-earn (R2E) project encouraging eco-friendly behavior by incentivizing consumers to recycle waste materials.

Members on the Ecoterra platform can scan materials and log them as recyclable materials and earn the platform native token, $ECOTERRA, as a reward.

Ecoterra best altcoin

The concept behind this project is to mitigate the effect of carbon emissions on the global climate scale and resource depletion by providing a way for companies to obtain recycled products.

The platform is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides investors with a massive opportunity to lock into the promise of innovating a seamless recyclable, and ecological-friendly environment for everyone.

The $ECOTERRA token is in its first presale stage, trading at $0.004 per token, and has garnered a whopping $64,000 in investment.

However, the price will rise to $0.00475 in twelve days when stage two sets in.

Crypto experts have tipped the unique green-environment project use cases to catalyze the increase of $ECOTERRA tokens.


Flow ($FLOW)

Flow is a blockchain-powered platform designed to provide usability improvements in the protocol layer for new generational apps and games. Similar to the Klaytn ecosystem, developers can seamlessly build with Flow.

The Flow ecosystem is stacked with top entertainment brands, venture-backed startups, and development studios, including NBA, UFC, Warner Music, leading game developers such as Sumo Digital, nWay, and Animoca, and famous crypto leaders like Binance and Cicle, and Opensea.

flow price chart 4/6/23

As of press time, the platform’s native token, $FLOW, trades at $0.997 with a 24-hour trading volume of $63 million.

The digital token ranks as the 52nd biggest crypto with a market cap of $1 billion and a circulating supply of $1 billion FLOW coins.

The token currently trades below the 200-day simple moving average (SMA) and 50-day SMA. Based on technical indicators, $FLOW 200-day will drop in a few weeks and hit $1.18.

The asset 50-day SMA is estimated to hit $0.094 in a few weeks.

The RSI momentum oscillator signals if a token is oversold (below 30) or overbought (above 70). Currently, the $FLOW RSI value is at 50.29, which indicates the digital asset is at its neutral position.

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Metropoly ($METRO)

The Metropoly is an innovative project that eliminates the difficulties of purchasing properties in the traditional real estate industry.

Due to the skyrocketing prices of homes and land over the years, it has become increasingly difficult for younger investors to enter the market without taking out large loans or giving up the idea of ownership entirely.

Furthermore, investing or buying properties often requires an extensive knowledge base and a minimum of 60 days to complete the purchase of a property.

The advent of Metropoly solves these challenges. The platform fractionalizes the cost of properties and enables real-estate enthusiasts to purchase and own a fraction of their desired properties.

Properties in the traditional real estate ecosystem start from a minimum of $6,000. However, investors on Metroploly can buy a fraction of their preferred properties for as low as $100 and still enjoy the full benefits of a house owner.

Now on presale, 1 $METRO token trades at $0.0769 per token and has, so far, raised a whopping $1.13 million from investors.

Investors must leverage the low rate of $METRO now as the price will gradually increase until its presale ends.

The Metropoly platform features a powerful utility, and its ongoing successful presale signals the potential of a soon-bullish trajectory.

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Crypto experts are confident that altcoins have the potential to generate outstanding investment returns for early adopters.

They have performed excellently recently and currently contribute up to 60% of the crypto market’s entire market cap.

Love Hate Inu is the most exciting altcoin project due to its vote-to-earn model and blockchain technology.

Early investors are excited as the meme sensation embeds all tools to become one of the best investment choices in 2023.

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