Best altcoins to buy today

The cryptocurrency market has seen a massive surge in AI-based tokens, with (FET) being one of the most notable beneficiaries. In the past thirty days, the value of FET has increased by 250%, and currently, whales are actively stockpiling the token, along with other AI tokens. With this in mind, along with the current market conditions, we’ll take a look at some of the best altcoins to buy today.

The recent surge in FET’s price can be attributed to the overall bullish mood in the cryptocurrency market and the AI hype combined with the rising profile of the ecosystem. The platform aims to democratize access to AI technology by providing a permissionless network that anyone can join to access protected data sets.

Another AI-based token, SingularityNET (AGIX), has also seen a significant increase in value over the past month, soaring 883%. AGIX powers a decentralized platform for creating, distributing, and monetizing AI services, and its value has also been positively impacted by the growing interest in AI technologies.

The recent surge in AI-based tokens can be attributed to the growing belief that AI technologies are about to disrupt many industries. This was further fueled by Microsoft’s recent investment of $10 billion in OpenAI, a development studio behind the popular AI tool ChatGPT. The investment is expected to boost Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, and introduce new digital experiences built on OpenAI’s technology.

This was followed an announcement by Google on Monday that they’ll soon be releasing new AI-enabled chatbot dubbed Bard. As users of their products and services may already know, Google has been developing Artificial Intelligence technology for over half a decade—and now they are finally making these powerful tools available to the public.

As the cryptocurrency market sees an upward trend in AI-based tokens, investors may want to examine their portfolios and identify potential opportunities for growth. This can involve exploring tokens that are in their early stages, such as those in presales, where good deals can often be found.

Investors should consider tokens with a positive fundamental and technical outlook, such as MEMAG, AGIX, FGHT, FET, CCHG, FRAX, TARO, and TAMA, some of the best altcoins to buy today.

Meta Masters Guild to Master Web3 Gaming

Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is revolutionizing gaming with blockchain and Web3 technology, bringing gamers from disparate platforms and genres to unite in an unprecedented interactive metaverse.

The “Web3 gaming guild” will offer gamers the opportunity to take part in community-led events such as tournaments, leaderboard challenges, and rewards systems. MMG’s pioneering digital platform is bringing together the latest mobile gaming tech and Web3 tools, allowing players to obtain Gems rewards that can be exchanged for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or MEMAG crypto–offering a tangible reward for player skill and commitment.

MMG’s debut game, Meta Kart Racers, is an intense one-player or PvP racing game that will run on mobile devices. The company has also previewed additional Web3 games to anticipate within their platform shortly. MMG has been met with a positive reaction in its MEMAG token presale, raising $3.4mn in mere weeks.

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SingularityNet (AGIX)

Artificial Intelligence token AGIX has been making significant gains, reaching a new all-time high of $0.60 and currently trading at $0.55, up by 27.12% for the day. AGIX broke out of the Fibonacci extension level of 1.272 earlier today, which could act as short-term resistance for the cryptocurrency. If AGIX successfully retakes this level, the next potential target is the extended Fibonacci level of Fib 1.618 at $0.67.

The growth of AGIX can be attributed to the growing support for AI technology among institutional investors. A recent JP Morgan survey revealed that 53% of institutional investors are now invested in AI technology, marking a significant increase from previous surveys. The trend of growth for AGIX and other AI tokens is expected to continue, with institutional backing remaining a driving force for the success of the AI token market.

Fight Out’s Innovative Fitness Tech Makes it One of Best Altcoins to Buy Today

The fitness industry, like most industries, will be transformed by new technologies in the coming years–and the potential for such an evolution can already be seen with Fight Out’s state-of-the-art Web3 application and gym chain. The upcoming platform will offer customized exercise regimens and reward their users’ successes, as well as foster a motivating community of likeminded individuals – giving their platform an interesting spin on traditional workouts.

The M2E app is designed to offer faithful users REPS tokens as a form of reward when they reach their fitness objectives, blending together financial motivation and an interactive competitive vibe. To create an even more enjoyable user experience bound to real-world gyms, Fight Out’s CoinSniper verified team will launch state-of-the-art gyms with “mirrors” that show personal profiles, with sensors tracking workouts and furnishing on the spot exercise tips.

To further solidify its reputation, the project has recruited renowned athletes like Amanda Ribas from the UFC and Savannah Marshall, a former WBO middleweight champion, to serve as ambassadors. Through their master classes and other learning events, these ambassador will bring even more attention to the project.

Don’t miss this chance to join Fight Out at its infancy and gain up to a 50% bonus on investments of over $50K. FGHT tokens have already received nearly $4mn in their presale, making them one of the best altcoins to buy today.

Visit Fight Out Now (FET), a Binance-based project that combines AI and blockchain technology, has been gaining more attention among investors recently. The network uses a Multi-Agent System, enabling the automation of a blockchain ecosystem with the help of AI technology. This results in reduced fees and increased efficiency compared to other networks.

This week,’s mainnet surpassed 5 million transactions. Although the token’s current support is weak, the influx of whales could drive demand in the long term, and its use of AI technology may also draw interest from outside the crypto space.

Investors should be cautious of the short to medium-term prospects of the token, however, as it might revert back to its $0.4044 to $0.4330 support range. In the long term, bulls are aiming for the token’s $0.65 resistance. Careful consideration of the market conditions is recommended for those looking to invest in FET. Another option for a high tech platform to invest in that’s also future-proof is C+Charge.

C+Charge Leads the EV Charging Charge

C+Charge is revolutionizing electric vehicle ownership by making the process of finding charging stations easier than ever before. With a new blockchain-based platform, drivers will not only have access to more information and clear insight into costs, but they can also be rewarded with carbon credit backed cryptocurrency for their usage. This technology offers numerous benefits that make EV ownership smoother and more enjoyable.

By uniting forces with Flowcarbon, C+Charge is about to make carbon credits more available to average people, rewarding EV drivers who use their app with the Goodness Nature Token ($GNT). The platform is also a solution for property owners in search of a dependable way to monitor energy expenditure from each vehicle. With this application, landlords and businesses can track every charging session without worrying about non-EV owners overpaying for power–hence incentivizing them to install their own chargers.

Now is a good time to invest in C+Charge tokens at a cost of $0.013 USDT, with prices rising soon over three tiers until hitting its last price tag of $0.02350 for each token, making CCHG one of the best altcoins to buy today before their price goes up.

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Frax Finance (FRAX)

Frax Finance, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol fueled by a fast-growing liquid staking derivative (LSD), Frax Ethereum (frxETH). According to Nansen, frxETH has become the fourth-largest ETH LSD within just three months of its launch, with total value locked surpassing $140 million, a 77% growth in the last month.

The platform has already seen 84,893 ETH staked through its protocol, outpacing rival platforms like Ankr, Rocket Pool, and StakeWise. Despite its impressive growth, some concerns have been raised about the platform’s centralization. An investment platform, Exponential DeFi, reported that the Frax Finance admin has unlimited minting access in the contract, which could raise concerns among some investors.

However, Frax’s growth extends beyond its LSD product, with its lending protocol, Fraxlend, surging by over 70% in the past month as well, reaching $177.44 million in total value locked. The TVL of its Fraxswap exchange grew by over 30% during the same period, and the ecosystem’s native token, Frax Share (FXS), has seen a 223.05% YTD increase. Yesterday, the cryptocurrency closed with an increase of 21.18%.

Today, FXS has maintained its momentum as it approaches the horizontal resistance area of $13.751 to $13.905. The current price of AXS is at $13.14 with an increase of 9.46% for the day. The Frax algorithmic stablecoin supply has remained above $1 billion during this time.

RobotEra (TARO) Enters Metaverse Building World

The much-anticipated RobotEra (TARO) game will transport players to a metaverse building world where they can build and customize robots, game assets, and entire environments without any coding knowledge. The game also enables gamers to earn money by renting out parts of their world or organizing fee-based activities.

Fusing virtual and augmented reality, RobotEra merges world-building and high-tech robotics to offer a unique gaming experience. Its non-fungible tokens (NFTs) items, buildings, and land will grant players ownership of virtual assets.

With $822K already raised in its token presale, RobotEra is already poised for a successful launch.

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Tamadoge (TAMA) Memecoin Hot Commodity

Tamadoge’s Web3 gaming platform offers arcade-style games with a play-to-earn reward system. The TAMA cryptocurrency, available on several exchanges, serves as both a collectible and a tool to upgrade stats.

Tamadoge’s upcoming games and developments are expected to drive the TAMA token price, following the successful $19 million presale in 2022. The impending release of more games on the platform, combined with the high interest in memecoins right now and the fact that the project has a memecoin that has actual utility, make TAMA one of the best altcoins to buy today.

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