The crypto market appears rattled going into the weekend following the news that a major financial institution might be facing financial issues.

However, as always, this presents an opportunity for value-driven investors to pile up on promising projects in time for a rebound in the coming days.

With that in mind, it is worth noting a few crypto assets with significant prospects that investors might want to keep an eye on.

C+Charge (CCHG)

The first option on the list of best altcoins to buy today is CCHG – the native token for C+Charge.

This blockchain solution aims to convert fossil fuel drivers to electric vehicles (EVs) by rewarding drivers and making ownership more convenient and efficient.

C+charge Altcoins

C+Charge was introduced in 2022 as a charging innovation that allows EV owners to charge their vehicles transparently and seamlessly.

In addition, C+Charge will focus on developing its charging stations and partnering with existing station manufacturers to make payments available via its native CCHG token.

CCHG ownership is expected to provide several benefits. These benefits include access to carbon credits, seamless charging payments, and an opportunity for gains since the asset will also be a tradable coin.

With a deflationary tokenomic model that removes units of the asset from circulation whenever they are used for payments, CCHG is primed for future gains.

C+Charge has collaborated with Flowcarbon to provide drivers with Goodness Nature Tokens (GNT), which are backed by carbon credits from vetted and verified carbon regeneration projects.

Carbon credits are permits that offset the holder’s carbon footprint, with one credit equaling one ton of CO2 removed from the atmosphere.

At the moment, CCHG is available on presale for early investors. The digital asset has raised over $2 million in just a few months, with the presale now in the fifth stage.

C+Charge’s developers are also gearing up to implement a weekly burn of unsold tokens, which should kickstart the asset’s deflationary run.

Yearn Finance (YFI)

Yearn Finance is one of the market’s most popular decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.

The Ethereum-based protocol, which functions similarly to a commercial banking institution, focuses on assisting investors in maximizing yields.

YFI graph 3/3/23

YFI, the native token for Yearn Finance, currently trades at $10,762. The asset’s price is up by 5.59% in the past 24 hours.

The token’s ability to outperform its long-term moving average (MA) indicators shows it is still a valid long-term investment. However, a positive moving average convergence divergence (MACD) means it is giving off a buy signal.

YFI’s rise has been bolstered by Yearn Finance recently teasing a staking product for ETH. Nothing is set in stone yet, but investors seem excited at the prospect.

Fight Out (FGHT)

Fight Out is a move-to-earn (M2E) platform that rewards users for working out, completing challenges, and competing in a fitness metaverse.

Existing move-to-earn platforms, such as STEPN, only track steps and require expensive non-fungible token (NFT) investments to participate, while Fight Out takes a holistic approach to tracking and rewarding its users for their exercise and other activities.

Fight Out altcoins

For every exercise routine completed, users earn REPS, an in-game currency through which they can upgrade the stats of their soulbound NFT avatars and even their attire.

The primary offering for Fight Out is its mobile app, which allows users to state their fitness objectives and designate areas of their bodies they would like to work.

The platform then provides users with exercise options and routines, allowing them to get to work.

Fight Out also tracks users’ fitness and health levels, ensuring that they are held accountable.

The developers are also looking to create a metaverse iteration where users will be able to engage in different sporting activities and engage with each other.

The platform’s growing popularity has attracted several professional athletes like Amanda Ribas of the female MMA and Savannah Marshall, with more ambassadors coming in March 2023.

FGHT, the native token for Fight Out, is primarily used for processing subscription payments on the platform. The tradable asset is currently available on presale and has raised over $5.05 million so far.

Maker (MKR)

Maker is an Ethereum-based DeFi protocol that contributes to the DAI stablecoin’s stability.

Built by the MakerDAO, the protocol is helping to support the stablecoin’s price movement and avoid a possible depegging.

MKR 3/3/23

MKR, the Maker protocol’s native token, currently trades at $918.04, indicating an uptrend of 2.51% in the past 24 hours.

MKR’s technicals are looking solid as well. The digital asset is outperforming all its major moving average (MA) indicators, and its positive moving average convergence divergence (MACD) shows it is also flashing a buy signal.

Metropoly (METRO)

With the real estate market expected to boom even more this year, Metropoly is looking to help everyday investors get a piece of the action.

The new blockchain platform touts itself as a decentralized marketplace for real estate properties where investors can purchase real estate properties in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Metropoly altcoins

Metropoly is ensuring that investors no longer have to wait days to get their hands on high-value real estate properties.

Additionally, the platform aims to address the accessibility problem in real estate by introducing fractional ownership. Investors can access parts of high-value properties, investing as low as $100 to become property owners.

Additional benefits of Metropoly include the platform’s Mortgage Service, which allows investors to put up their properties as collateral in order to get loans.

Another is the Emergency Sale feature which allows people to sell their properties immediately rather than waiting so long for sale to be processed.

In addition to its remarkable property offerings, Metropoly is gaining exposure through lucrative contests, such as the $1 million giveaway of a premium Burj Khalifa apartment, which is a great opportunity to promote the platform and showcase the quality of properties available on it.

The lucky winner of the $1 million premium apartment in the Burj Khalifa could earn up to $100,000 in rental income per year.

Users must complete several tasks to enter the contest, such as tweeting about Metropoly, subscribing to the newsletter, and joining the Discord or Telegram channel.

Despite the current crypto winter, Metropoly has achieved an impressive feat by raising a large sum in its presale.

Its native token, METRO, powers transactions within the platform and is also an impressive tradable coin. The token is available on presale, where it has garnered over $586,000.

METRO is an ERC-20 utility token with a total supply of one billion tokens that can currently be purchased for $0.0625 per token during the presale stage.

The presale is coming to an end, and early investors can take advantage of additional benefits by purchasing with USDT, ETH, or BNB.


EOS is the native token for the EOS blockchain – a new-generation blockchain platform looking to encourage decentralized application (dApp) developers.

The asset currently trades at $1.21, which is an increase of 2.81% in the past 24 hours. The asset’s rise has helped it clear all its moving average (MA) indicators and its relative strength index (RSI) of 55.52 has shown that it is now overbought.

EOS graph 3/3/23

With a positive moving average convergence and divergence (MACD), EOS is also flashing a buy signal, making it more attractive to investors.

RobotEra (TARO)

Finally, investors can also check out TARO – the digital asset is one of the most exciting projects to come out of the blockchain gaming space in a while, thanks to its native platform RobotEra.

RobotEra takes blockchain gaming and combines it artfully with the metaverse.

robotera Altcoins

The blockchain project has a compelling storyline, which moves players to a virtual planet called Taro.

The planet has been destroyed following a battle between the inhabitants and robots, and players are now tasked with choosing robot avatars and immediately begin the rebuilding quest.

In RobotEra, players are able to purchase land and other properties as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The game’s objective is to participate in world-building, and players get to earn as they do that.

It is worth noting that players can easily monetize any of the assets they own within the RobotEra universe. From their developed structures to buildings that they own, players are free to find innovative ways to create value from what they have.

TARO is one of the best-performing presales in the market, and with over $976,000 raised, the asset is seeing greater levels of investor demand.

Wrapping Up

The use case for CCHG makes it an appealing asset. As the EV market grows and more people buy EVs, they will need a way to charge effectively.

C+Charge has tapped into this market, and the prospects for its native token are extremely promising.

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