A range of different altcoins are gaining popularity now that positive sentiment is returning to the markets, and many believe that the Bitcoin market may finally have bottomed out.

METRO – one of the main altcoins for digitalised real estate

Metropoly is a brand new project focused on fractionalising real estate via the use of NFTs to lower the barrier to entry for retail investors.

This means that anyone with an Internet connection can invest in real estate without red tape and earn a passive yield generated from rental income from as little as $100.


ANKR is a project that has been gaining notoriety recently thanks to their partnership with Microsoft, which has sent the token price surging over the course of the last week.

Offering enterprise node services in this way will mean that far more people are exposed to the Ankr Protcol, which is believed to have significant ramifications for the future value of the project.

FGHT – incentivising fitness with rewards

FGHT is the native token of the Fight Out ecosystem, which aims to capitalise on the “move to earn” phenomenon and to reward people for exercising.

Those who exercise using the Fight Out app will be able to track and record their progress, and to earn FGHT and REPS tokens for doing so.

The project is currently in its presale, and despite the turbulent market conditions lately has managed to raise an impressive $4.4m from their community to build out their roadmap.


Filecoin is a project that allows users to store data on the blockchain in a decentralised and permissionless way, and has been going from strength to strength with their technological innovations throughout 2022 and 2023 thus far.

A series of upgrades in November of 2022 sent the price of FIL rocketing, and the project shows no signs of slowing down as the importance of decentralised and permissionless file storage continues to rise.

CCHG – ushering in a green revolution

CCHG is the native token of the C+Charge ecosystem, which is focused on ensuring that the process of charging electric vehicles can be done as seamlessly as possible.

The team are hoping to make use of the trend in ESG investing and crypto investing in order to build as large of a community as they possibly can.

The RobotEra ecosystem is a brand new play to earn metaverse with TARO as the native currency. Users of the platform are able to build with the help of robots on an interplanetary map, as well as compete against one another for a share of play to earn rewards.

The TARO token doubles up as a governance token for the RobotEra DAO, which is extremely important given the team’s focus on decentralisation of the governance process in order to make decisions that are better-aligned with the community.

Those who wish to invest in altcoins that potentially come with outsized ROIs ought to explore the value of many of these projects, as their low market caps provides plenty of room to grow.

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