Best altcoins to buy today

Bitcoin broke above $25,000 for the third time in three days today but couldn’t turn the major resistance into support and is currently sitting at $24,534 as it hovers near the break even point for the day. Although the January rally has stalled, this is a significant feat, considering the broader macroeconomic situation that includes the regulatory crackdown and continued FUD. With this backdrop, what are the best altcoins to buy today?

Bitcoin reached an intra-day high of $25,191.11 earlier in the day, a 7.97% gain since Friday’s low of $23,332. However, the cryptocurrency has failed to convincingly break through the psychological resistance level of $25,000.

Although the price movements of Bitcoin are significant for the cryptocurrency market, for investors looking beyond the top crypto, the best altcoins to buy today based on strong fundamental and/or technical indicators include FGHT, FIL, CCHG, BLUR, METRO, LINK, TARO, and STX.

Fight Out to Offer Personalized Fitness Solutions

A new player in the fitness industry, Fight Out, is set to disrupt the conventional gym model with its Web3 and move-to-earn (M2E) technology. High gym member dropout rates have long been a challenge for the fitness industry, with 50% of new gym members leaving after just six months, often due to a lack of motivation, connection, and personalization.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated the issue, with the permanent closure of 17% of US gyms and up to 50% in some countries, leaving a large segment of displaced members searching for new alternatives.

Fight Out’s comprehensive solution for fitness enthusiasts includes a personal NFT avatar that gamifies their fitness journey, showcases their fitness stats, and inspires continued engagement, along with customized workout plans and REPs token rewards.

REPS tokens incentivize users to exercise and offer discounts on gym memberships, merchandise, subscriptions, and other perks. With the upcoming launch of its first gym in Q4 of 2023, Fight Out is set to feature cutting-edge equipment and exclusive features such as Web3-powered technology, digital mirrors that show fitness profiles, and sensors that track users’ workouts and offer feedback and insights.

During the presale period, FGHT tokens have already raised almost $4.39 million and will soon enter the next phase with higher prices. As one of the best altcoins to buy today, Fight Out is poised to revolutionize the fitness industry and keep gym members motivated and engaged.

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Filecoin (FIL)

Filecoin has experienced impressive gains recently, surging by more than 40% on Friday. The cryptocurrency’s bullish momentum has continued over the weekend as at one point FIL was up by 26.33% for the day when it retested the psychological level of $9.50. However, FIL was met with selling pressure pushing the price down to $8.73, up a still respectable 15.28% for the day so far.

FIL is a crypto project that allows users to essentially rent out storage space on their computers. The platform segregates data across multiple devices, making it harder for hackers to gain access to user files. Since it’s completely decentralizes, it eliminates all storage restrictions imposed by a centralized authority.

The immediate support for FIL is the horizontal support area of $6.560 to $6.981 which is in confluence with the psychological level of $7. The immediate resistance that FIL is currently fighting is the range between $8.410 to $8.901 followed by the next resistance range of $9.769 to $11.377.

FIL raised over $200 million in its initial coin offering in 2017, indicating the impressive backing of the project. Currently, FIL’s market cap stands at over $3.250 billion.

C+Charge: Blockchain-based Solution for EV Charging and Payments

C+Charge is in the process of launching a real use case for the blockchain in a peer-to-peer payment platform for electric vehicles (EVs). With EV ownership on the rise, the current charging infrastructure is struggling to keep pace, leading to challenges for drivers when seeking reliable, transparent charging options.

C+Charge is offering a mobile app that provides real-time information about nearby charging stations and helps diagnose potential charging issues. To overcome the challenges associated with the EV charging process, C+Charge is working on establishing new charging stations while collaborating with existing ones, allowing users to pay with the CCHG token to ensure high security and complete transparency.

The platform also offers carbon credit cryptos through a partnership with Goodness Native Tokens (GNT), which will be tradable through the C+Charge app.

The project has raised over $1.28 million in the presale so far. The token’s price will increase by 10.3% in the next presale stage, making it an excellent time to grab some tokens. C+Charge’s unique features and potential to take a slice of the pie in the quickly growing EV sector make it one of the best altcoins to buy today.

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Blur: NFT Marketplace (BLUR)

The Blur NFT marketplace recently launched its native token, $BLUR, and so far it has been a resounding success. Blur’s strategic approach to targeting professional traders with its low-fee, royalties-optional platform resulted in a trading volume of $430 million in the past 30 days.

The token has reached a $500 million market capitalization just four days after launch, overtaking the popular Web3 platform, OpenSea, in trading volume to become the top NFT marketplace by volume traded.

Blur’s ERC-20 governance token has a maximum supply of 3 billion, some of which the platform has been rewarding to users with through airdrops. Blur allows platform users to choose whether to enforce royalties or not, with users who choose to uphold royalties rewarded with more $BLUR tokens. The platform has incentivized liquidity rather than volume to avoid distorting metrics during the token launch.

BLUR’s price is currently at $1.27 with a 7.36% increase for the day. The extended Fibonacci levels of Fib 1.272 at $1.3944 and Fib 1.414 at $1.4921 are the potential targets of the cryptocurrency if the immediate support of the hourly 50 EMA and the horizontal support level of $1.1704 to $1.2072 successfully holds.

Metropoly’s Property Backed NFT Marketplace Makes it One of Best Altcoins to Buy Today

Metropoly, the world’s first NFT marketplace for real estate backed by physical properties, is set to make changes to the real estate industry with its unique features such as fractional ownership, real-time analytics, and instant liquidity.

With Metropoly, investors can start with as little as $100, earning passive income through automatic rental payments without the need for credit scores, down payments, mortgages, or paperwork.

Traditional real estate investments often lack liquidity, but Metropoly solves this by providing instant liquidity, enabling investors to sell their property NFTs for 70% of the price or the highest bid in an auction. Additionally, the platform offers real-time analytics and data to help investors make informed investment decisions.

The project’s primary utility token, METRO, is audited by CertiK and Solidproof and has a limited supply of one billion tokens with no taxes.

Metropoly has strategic partnerships with over 20 crypto influencers and ChainAdoption, positioning it for a successful launch in the real estate sector. The platform’s Burj Khalifa apartment giveaway worth $1,000,000, along with an opportunity to earn up to $100,000 yearly rental income for life, is currently up for grabs.

To date, the project has raised over $522,129 in its presale, and METRO’s price will steadily rise as the nine stages of sale are completed, making it one of the best altcoins to buy today before prices go up.

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ChainLink (LINK)

Chainlink serves as an oracle network in the blockchain space, enabling secure communication between smart contracts and external data sources. By bridging the gap between on-chain actions and off-chain resources, Chainlink provides a reliable ecosystem for users to access valuable information while preserving the reliability of blockchain technology.

Over the past week, Chainlink’s LINK has seen a remarkable price surge, skyrocketing by an impressive 16%. After breaking away from its resistance range of $7.683 to $7.807, it is currently being traded at $7.94–a level unseen since November 2022. The cryptocurrency is down by $1.22% for the day. If its price successfully stabilizes and stays above the potentially resistance-turned-support range of $7.683 to $7.807, the next potential target is the resistance range of $8.951 to $9.492.

RobotEra: High-Tech Metaverse Game Combining VR and NFTs

As Web3 tech continues to make its way into games and apps, RobotEra (TARO) represents the latest high-tech metaverse building concept that takes Minecraft-like games to the next level. RobotEra combines NFTs with virtual and augmented reality, offering players an unparalleled world-building experience.

The game’s user-friendly interface is accessible to players of all skill levels, and the TARO cryptocurrency that powers the game’s economy allows players to purchase land, robot and game asset non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and participate in various economic activities within the game.

As players progress, they can level up their primary robots and secondary robot companions, construct buildings, and redesign landscapes.

RobotEra’s unique concept, user-friendly interface, and monetization options have the potential to attract a wide audience of players, positioning it to become a major player in the Web3 gaming space.

RobotEra has already raised $917K in its token presale, positioning it for a successful launch and making it one of the best altcoins to buy today.

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Stacks (STX)

STX price prediction chart

Stacks (STX) powers the Stacks blockchain, a decentralized computing network that aims to bring smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) to the Bitcoin ecosystem. STX is designed to offer a secure and scalable platform for developing dApps that can leverage Bitcoin’s security and network effects. Users can earn Bitcoin rewards by participating in the network.

Since bouncing off the 20-day EMA on February 17, the cryptocurrency has maintained its bullish momentum through the weekend.

Yesterday, STX posted a daily gain of 15%, which has the price breaking out from the resistance ranges of $0.3381 to $0.3440 and $0.4020 to $0.4123. STX’s price is currently trading at $0.5344

with a massive gain of over 47%. The cryptocurrency is now looking to successfully hold the previous resistance range now potential supports of $0.4020 to $0.4123 as well as $0.50 in confluence with the horizontal resistance area of $0.5098 and $0.5119. Although there may still be additional upside, investors may also wish to wait until STX proves it can maintain these levels.


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