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There are a variety of different altcoins that are catching the imaginations of speculators as of late, and many of these are still in their presales – a place that speculators often seek to allocate capital in pursuit of higher ROIs.

METRO – the best way to gain exposure to real estate?

The world of real estate can be confusing, expensive and overly bureaucratic, but the team at Metropoly are using blockchain technology in order to ameliorate many of these concerns and make investing in the asset class a far more smoother experience for retail investors.

Thanks to Metropoly, anyone with an Internet connection can now invest in real estate from as little as $100 – the project has been gaining a lot of traction thus far, with the team already having raised $500k.


Fight Out is a brand new move to earn phenomenon that has been growing rapidly in popularity over the past few months, with the team successfully already having raised $4.4m at their presale.

Those who exercise using the Fight Out platform are able to record and track their progress as they embark on the journey of reaching their fitness goals.

As a reward for doing so, they will receive FGHT and REPS tokens, which can be used to level up their metaverse avatar, or traded on the open market.

ENJ – the best way to capitalise on NFT gains?

Enjin is a token that has been around for some time now, and has managed to position itself well to capitalise on the rise of NFTs, particularly those NFTs that are used within the gaming space.

Branding itself as the “King of NFTs”, Enjin Coin (ENJ) has managed to grow relatively consistently now through two bull markets, and as the hype surrounding the NFT craze appears to be gradually returning, there are many investors who believe that this may be a solid play.


C+Charge is a brand new green project capitalising on the nexus of ESG investing and blockchain technology, and seeks to make the process of paying to charge electric vehicles as seamless and energy efficient as possible.

Users of the platform are rewarded when they charge their EVs with the C+Charge platform, and can even spend the CCHG token to be able to charge their cars.


Optimism is an Ethereum scaling solution that has inherited many of the same security gains as offered by Ethereum, and is now developing a thriving ecosystem of dApp integrations.

The OP token has been distributed gradually to many active users of the Ethereum community, and this has helped to drive significantly greater adoption of the OP token than would otherwise have been possible.

TARO – the best new metaverse project?

RobotEra is a brand new metaverse ecosystem currently still in its presale, where the team have already managed to raise well over $900k in order to build what they hope will become one of the largest and most influential metaverse projects in the entire play to earn space.

Those who wish to participate in the RobotEra presale can now do so on their website, where the token price currently stands at $0.02 – at the next stage, the price will rise by 25% to $0.025. For those looking for the best returns in presales, this may be an option to explore.

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