RobotEra is one of the newest games in the metaverse. Since its debut in November, the platform’s native token TARO has raised over $527,000 in its first presale stage.

Investors who want to be part of the space’s future should get in before RobotEra launches in 2023.

How Does RobotEra Work?

The play-to-earn (P2E) game includes NFT ownership and metaverse world-building, which allows players to generate active and passive income in various ways.

Players are transported to the planet Taro, a virtual world that was destroyed due to an apocalyptic event. The game’s objective is for players to rebuild the virtual world and engage in various activities to get rewarded.

RobotEra allows players to choose their characters and avatars. They can purchase land, properties, buildings, and more, all of which are non fungible tokens (NFTs). There are various methods to earn returns with RobotEra. All players earn while they play the game and help rebuild planet Taro, and they can also engage in different side quests.

Players can construct buildings such as houses, stadiums, shopping malls, and museums. These properties can be traded, and players can benefit from them in various ways. A player, for example, can charge admission to a museum they developed or even host concerts and sell tickets to earn.

Earn Money By Merely Existing

RobotEra has numerous advantages. First, the game is available to players regardless of their skill levels. All activities are accessible in a no-code environment.

Personalization is another advantage of RobotEra. The game provides various building tools to employ and the opportunity to customize structures with music themes, artwork, soundtracks, and much more.

Buy TARO For Gains

RobotEra is still in its early development stages, and its native token, TARO, is currently available for presale.

TARO powers the entire RobotEra ecosystem. The crypto asset can be used to purchase NFTs and other in-game assets and can also be used for the governance of the gaming system.

TARO is available on presale with over $527,000 raised in less than two months. The asset’s capacity to raise this much in a bear market demonstrates a significant level of investor interest.

Right now, investors can get TARO for just $0.020, as it is in the first stage of its presale. However, its price is expected to surge even more as more presale stages are being crossed.

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