BC.GAME NFT The Degen Pass

Regarding gambling online, casino sites offer just about everything, but one offer that recently arrived is the opportunity to get involved in NFT earnings. The top NFT casino right now is BC.GAME, thanks to the recent launch into the Metaverse with the Degen Pass.

What Is BC.GAME?

BC.GAME started as a classic crypto casino, offering slots, live dealer titles, and house games. After success seen straight out the bat, BC.GAME widened the gambling opportunities by releasing offers like daily lotteries, sportsbooks and NFT adventures.

The site initially started in 2017 and is rated as the best crypto casino of 2022 by the industry-known powerhouse Sigma iGaming. BC.GAME is recognized by the Crypto Gambling Association and offers more than 60+ cryptocurrencies.

Step Into The Degenverse

BC.GAME Casino has taken players on thousands of adventures over the years, but nothing compares to what has just launched. Get involved in a new level of gambling by stepping inside

BC.GAME Casinos’ very own Degenverse, a digital ecosystem loaded with rewards.

What Is The Degen Pass At BC.GAME?

The Degen Pass is BC.GAME Casinos’ NFT. There are 1777 genesis passes stored on the Ethereum blockchain, each with the possibility to bring users significant advantages. The Degen Pass is an entry method into the Degenverse, allowing access to a portfolio of casinos and custom perks inside BC.GAME.

Some other benefits of getting your hands on a Degen Pass are early access to DeFi betting apps and mystery airdrops promising big profits. Always striving to expand and improve,

BC.GAME has once again wowed the crowd with exclusivity and class. The main reason for the launch of the Degen Pass is to upgrade players’ already all-inclusive adventure.

BC.GAME Backs the Degen Pass

The Degen Pass holds such value thanks to the reputation of its backbone, BC.GAME. This site is a top contender in its field, with more than 3 million users globally and over 10 billion bets.

NFTs’ are not the only achievement on the site. BC.GAME is also known for being the Sandbox’s most extensive Metaverse ecosystem to date. For avid gamblers, BC.GAME offers casino and sportsbook options and daily lotteries valued up to $100,000.

Getting In On The Action

If the Degen Pass sounds like something you want to participate in, make a move! With only 1777 on the market, now is the best time to start. To get your hands on a Degen Pass, try out

BC.GAME Casinos’ Doggy Miner’s. The other ways include placing in the TOP 10 of the BIG BANG wagering event and through Degenverse Official whitelist Giveaways. Now that you have all the insight into the latest releases, head to BC.GAME and get playing!