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Battle Infinity, the metaverse-focused fantasy sports gaming platform, has raised 500 BNB ($110,000) within the first 72 hours of its presale.

Even before its marketing campaign has kicked off and with non-existent build up, the presale has still caught fire. There has been no private sale prior to the presale either, so this flying start is no mean achievement.

It looks like investors are falling in love with the project at first sight if these numbers are anything to go by and are presumably confident that the IBAT token will moon when it launches.

The presale is scheduled to last 90 days in total after starting on 11th July, but at this rate is likely to sell out early. Those currently on the sidelines may need to make their move sooner rather than later.

IBAT is on sale for $0.0015. No listing price has yet been set for the token.

IBAT getting eager buyers from around the world

We reached out to co-founder Suresh Joshi for his thoughts on the impressive start to the fund raise: “We have been getting enquiries from China, India, Europe, the US, you name it, and it isn’t all hot air as the crypto community can see from the numbers and the speed at which we have raised our first $100k.”

“‘Battle Infinity presale’ has already started trending on Indian Twitter,” he adds.

“Special shout out to all the investors from India !!”

ibat presale trending on twitter

28 per cent of the total supply of 10 billion IBAT is available for purchase in the presale.

To price the IBAT token the Battle Infinity team is using a fixed exchange rate for BNB/USD of $250, with 1BNB buying 166,666 IBAT.

Battle Infinity is audited by Solid Proof and KYC’s by Coinsniper, so there’s no worries on either security or rug-pulls

Joshi added that he and his team were still deciding on the structure of vesting for the team allocation

Just yesterday Dapp Radar released a report which showed that blockchain gaming accounts for the majority of activity among decentralised applications (dapps), with games being the least affected crypto sub-sector in the current drawdown.

Investor confidence in the quality of the project, with its strong roots in India, is clearly attracting buyers who expect the IBAT token to go parabolic. Gains of 10x or even 100x may not be outlandish when the size of the addressable market is considered.

Metaverse will be $5 trillion opportunity forecasts McKinsey

McKinsey released a report last month that forecast the metaverse to be a $5 trillion business opportunity. Battle Infinity only needs to grab a small fraction of that market to justify a valuation of ten of billions of dollars.

Fantasy sports is also a fast-growing sub genre of the gaming world, which in three years will be valued at $48 billion, according to some estimates.

Phase 3 of the Battle Infinity is ongoing, with major element such as the presale launch, already underway.

In Phase 4 main element of the platform will be release, such as the Battle Swap and Battle Market launches and exchange listings.

To buy IBAT you need BNB funds in your Metamask or Trust Wallet. Simply connect to the Battle Infinity presale site, set the amount you wish to purchase and you are done. Make sure to have enough BNB in your wallet to pay the small gas fee.

IBAT runs on the Binance Smart Chain.

Keep up to date with Battle Infinity news by joining the Telegram group.

Update – the Battle Infinity presale has now passed its soft cap of 2000 BNB, earlier than expected and is on pace to hit its hard cap earlier than the October deadline.

Battle Infinity - New Metaverse Game

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